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Buying a Vineyard property in Mallorca [2022]

When people think “wine” they still automatically associate it with France, so strong is the connection even nowadays, although Mallorca has risen to the wine challenge and has proven to be a producer of equally excellent wines. Mallorca has also reinvigorated its own domestic wine production which has its origin during the Roman occupation, when the island became part of the Roman Empire in 123BC. Export of wine was a very important source of income for the island and it soon was one of the major production regions in the Med.

Mallorca’s vineyards are simply breathtaking and therefore are extremely sought after. Balearic Properties has a list of private vinyards for sale in Mallorca and Ibiza, please contact us.

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Widespread problems with a nasty little insect called the “filoxera” at the end of the 19th century resulted in most Mallorcan vineyards being completely destroyed and the island did not really recover from this shock until the 1980s.

Tourism was on the increase inspiring local farmers to start cultivating grapesagain and bodegas started to pop up all over in the central region of the island. Thankfully Mallorca’s wine production is now firmly up and running and its fame is spreading quickly around the world. Many fincas have been lovingly restored by the new, mainly foreign owners and these luxury country properties with a vineyard for sale in Mallorca are being targeted by people wanting to set up a business here on the island.

Not only the big names such as Macia Batle or Ferrer are producing though, it is amazing how many small private fincas with their own vineyards cultivate a special wine for their own pleasure. There are about 70 bodegas all over the island and Mallorcan wine is protected under two so-called ‘Denominació d’Origen’ (DO) meaning denomination of origin. The DO Binissalem covers the area around Binissalem and neighbouring villages such as Santa Maria and Consell, this is probably the main, traditional production region. The other DO belongs to the Pla i Llevant wines from the region around Felantix and Manacor and other vineyards in the island centre. There are also some vineyards in the Sierra de Tramuntana region, these are located on sea- facing mountains, ensuring best exposure to the sun. Check out all the Mallorcan Vineyards here:

The Best Vineyard Properties for sale in Mallorca

There are appealing country properties situated near vineyards, or are part of a huge estate that produces wine. Many foreign investors bought a finca in Mallorca without any intention of getting involved with the actual production of wine at first. Some left the cultivation of their existing little vineyards to a Mallorca neighbour who may also have looked after their property whilst they were not on the island. Gradually a few of these foreign owners discovered affection for their grape-yards and eventually got more and more engaged in the production process. A few of the vineyard properties for sale in Mallorca offer relaxing holidays and are the ideal retreat for those who appreciate the peaceful country way of life and a seriously good wine to accompany the local delicacies.

Local Mallorcan vineyards produce wines that can match the most superior competition world-wide.

Mallorca’s superb climate is as equally perfect as in the south of France or on mainland Spain where a major brand is produced in the Rioja region. The quality of Mallorca’s wines can match those produced in these famous regions any day. Red wines are lusciously rich and full-bodied, perfect to enjoy with one of the favourite local dishes such as lamb. The white wines are well-balanced; many have a floral taste and are delicious when accompanying with fish dishes. Varieties of local grapes that thrive in Mallorca include the callet and prensel for white wines, and the black grapes fogoneu, manto negro, and gorgollasa for the reds. Creative local producers are also blending local grapes with well-known French ones, including Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc for the whites, Pinot Noir and Merlot for the reds and the results are sensational.

Most bodegas are open for wine tasting and there are organised tours of major bodegas, during which the wine cellars allow visitors to sample absolute gems.  Local groceries and supermarkets all sell excellent wines and an ordinary “Vi de la Terra” is a very good choice for every day enjoyment. Most tapa bars have a super “Vino de la Casa” (house wine) so there is not always a need to dip deeply into your pocket if you want to savour island delights.

Contact us for more information about a luxury Mallorca property with a vineyard for sale like the fincas featured in our list above we look forward to introducing you to one of these country gems! 

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