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Bank repossessions for sale in Mallorca

There’s nothing wrong with these bank repossessions, in fact these are dream properties for sale in Mallorca which simply weren’t financed by their previous repossessed owners.

Reepossessed Villas and Apartments

Believe it or not, many bank repossessions are actually beautiful villas. Finding a bank repossessed villa is as simple as contacting our professional estate agents who will guide you through the various property bargains currently on offer. Since Balearic Properties has been dealing with properties in Mallorca since 1999, we have gained a reputation for having great partners, including some of the leading financial institutions. Discover sensationally priced and repossessed property.

Buyers will have much to discover when it comes to bank repossessions for sale in Mallorca. These properties are for sale at reduced prices, sometimes even below market value. Everyone loves to find property bargains, especially when it means you can find dream villas, sea view apartments, or exciting plots with construction projects at affordable prices. Mallorca is a wonderful real estate market with a range of distressed property for sale by local and international banks.

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Bank repossessions  & opportunities for sale in Mallorca

Don’t think that these are run-down or shabby properties. The bank repossessions in Mallorca often include villas, fincas, townhouses, and large plots of land which simply went through an unfortunate bank foreclosure. Hence, you can come across some exciting property opportunities that are priced to sell fast. Bank properties for sale in Mallorca are blameless for their stigmatised status. In fact, they were all once someone’s dream property which deserve another chance.

Some repossessed properties in Mallorca were simply left behind unfinished. However, someone’s loss can now be your gain, with many bank repossessions including plots for sale with semi-finished constructions. This is actually one of the best property investment scenarios, since you can buy cheap property in Mallorca and add your own taste to the finishing touches. Balearic Properties can also advise you if you’re thinking of building or renovating property in Mallorca.

Bank repossessed apartments for sale in Mallorca 

Many bank repossessions include apartments for sale in Mallorca. The stories of these bargain properties vary. Sometimes the previous owners simply bought a holiday home in Mallorca, which they could no longer afford which led to a bank foreclosure. Regardless of how these apartments for sale in Mallorca became bank repossessions, they’re still dream properties. You never know what you’re going to find when it comes to bank repossessed properties.

Bargain real estate opportunities in Mallorca

Bank repossessions can also include properties over 1 million euros. So, maybe you’ll even find great rental investments and sea view villas for much less than the market value. With a little imagination and the help of our partners you’ll be able to create your dream luxury home in Mallorca for a fraction of the cost. Discover repossessed villas by the sea in sought-after coastal areas including Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa in the north of Mallorca.

Distressed property for sale in Mallorca

You can find distressed properties and bank repossessions in Mallorca all over the island. There’s really no special area in Mallorca that’s famous for bank repossessions. For example, you can find distressed property for sale in Pollensa and Palma, where you also have some of the most expensive properties in Mallorca. If you’re looking for a real estate bargain, then simply get in touch with our offices and we will gladly inform you of all the unique real estate opportunities available.

We have a wide array of villas and apartments that are bank repossessions or opportunities for sale at extremely reduced prices. We can introduce you to these properties where owners are keen to sell and ensure you make the most of this unique opportunity to purchase a bank repossessed villa or apartment at the best possible price and we will negotiate best conditions on your behalf.

Balearic Properties has excellent relationships with local banks in all areas of the island. Our experts are completely up-to-date with regards to properties that are Bank Repossessions. Do not hesitate to contact us for precise information and advice with regards to the purchase procedure.

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