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At Balearic Properties we have a wide selection of properties for sale in Mallorca that have the correct holiday rental license. So if you're looking to buy a property here on the island to rent out as a holiday rental, you can begin generating income straight away.If you as the owner of a Mallorcan home wish to rent out your property as a holiday rental, you will more than likely need to ensure that you have a tourist rental license from the Balearic government. The downside is, if you don't have the correct tourist rental license, you could risk having a heavy fine imposed.

When will your rental be considered an ETV and will the Balearic Tourism Law be applied?

It will be presumed that there is a tourist stay as long as you rent the entirety of your home for short periods, for days or weeks, without a stay being longer than one (1) month, in conditions of immediate use, and you cannot demonstrate a purpose other than tourism. From now on you will no longer be able to use the seasonal rental subject to LAU as an alternative to tourist rental, as has been done. If you market your home in conditions of immediate use, for short periods of less than one (1) month, and you cannot prove that the purpose of the rental is different from tourist use, it is taken for granted or it is assumed that it is an activity of vacation rental property.

What sort of properties are involved?

If you have a detached property or semi-detached house in Mallorca that you wish to rent out to holiday makers, you will have to obtain a tourist rental licence.

If your property is neither detached or semi-detached, you can rent it out as a holiday property but there are certain conditions that you must fulfil.

The law can be a bit of a minefield, so it's a good idea to let the professionals help you ensure you stay on the right side of the law. We at Balearic Properties know the tourist rental law inside out and would be happy to help you abide by it.

The regulations are highly complicated

The regulations for the tourist marketing of a home in Mallorca are complicated to say the least. First of all you have to identify what category your home comes under. Is it in a single family building or a multi family building? Does it share a plot with other properties? If in a block of flats, does the community of owners agree to the tourist marketing of the property? Does your property share the building with premises of any other users? Has the local town hall confirmed in writing that the property is in a suitable area? Does your property have an energy efficiency certificate? Do you have a water meter?

These are just a few examples of the complicated law regarding tourist rental licenses in Mallorca! Do you really want to have to experience the stress and hassle of sorting it all out yourself? The good news is, Balearic Properties has a range of properties for sale with holiday rental licenses already in place.

The rental zones

Is your property outside Palma? If so, the island has been divided into seven specific geographical areas for tourist rental purposes.

Zone 1 - Coastal tourist saturated areas
Zone 2 - Interior areas
Zone 3 - Interior areas with increased tourism pressure
Zone 4 - The rest of the interior areas
Zone 5 - Protected rural land 
Zone 6 - Common rustic land 
Zone 7 - Excluded areas 

It has to be noted that residential rental properties marketed with a tourism licence make a major contribution to Mallorca's economy. So, for your peace of mind, it's a good idea to remain on the right side of the law. And we at Balearic Properties are here to help!

Palma de Mallorca  is a special case

Tourist rental in flats has been prohibited in Palma de Mallorca since 2018, although new authorizations could be requested in villas and houses not apartments in the city , the temporary suspension "is due to the emergency situation and housing necessity that occurs in the municipality of Palma.

At Balearic Properties we would be delighted to help you find your dream home for sale in Mallorca. If you would like any information or advice please feel free to contact one of our friendly, helpful property professionals. Or simply give us a call on +34 971 53 29 84

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