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The most important areas in Mallorca Center where to buy a property

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The best areas to buy a property in center of Mallorca

Properties for sale in the center of Mallorca (Majorca) including properties for sale in Santa Maria, Inca, Selva, Sencelles, Alaro...

The best areas for sale in Mallorca Center

The central plains region of Mallorca is widely regarded as the most authentic part of the island.

Due to its relative isolation from outside influences, the area has maintained a strong agricultural way of life. The landscape is primarily dedicated to grain crops, livestock farming (including sheep and pigs), and vineyards in certain parts, particularly in Santa Maria and Binissalem.

Santa Maria is a market town located just outside Palma, the capital of Mallorca. It is well-known for its vineyards and hosts a vibrant weekly market. The market creates a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, attracting locals and visitors alike. Additionally, Santa Maria boasts a number of popular restaurants that offer a variety of culinary experiences. Despite these urban amenities, the town has managed to preserve its rural character.

One of the advantages of Santa Maria is its accessibility. It is conveniently located on the train line, allowing residents and visitors to reach the city centre of Palma in just ten minutes. This makes it a desirable location for those who prefer a rural lifestyle while still having easy access to the amenities and attractions of the city.

Overall, Santa Maria and the central plains region offer a unique blend of agricultural heritage, vineyards, a lively market, and convenient transportation links to Palma. It is a place where visitors can experience the authentic charm of rural Mallorca while enjoying the comforts of modern life.

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The Locations

The landscape on Mallorca is fantastically diverse, amazingly the island offers something of everything: gorgeous beaches and coasts, a world-famous mountain range, the Tramuntana, charming villages and the cosmopolitan capital Palma; then there is the central region with the gentle hills of the Serra de Llevant and the flat plateau called Es Pla. Es Pla is home to some enchantingly sleepy villages and famous monasteries and is also the island’s vegetable garden and granary.

Lovely fincas and the odd country estate for sale are dotted all over the Es Pla region, and many little villages such as Piña boast the occasional town house or finca for sale on the outskirts. A country home for sale near Algaida is another favourite in the region and a town house for sale in Sineu or Petra are charming alternatives to the country life. The ancient town Sineu boasts the only market on the island where you can buy livestock, this market takes place every Wednesday morning. The famous King’s Road, which is amazingly straight, with no curves and was built during the Roman occupation, takes you from Sineu right through the centre down to the coast in the Palma Bay.

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On the right-hand side of the motorway leading down to Palma, charming villas like Binissalem or Santa Maria del Camí, that also belong to this central area, are world-famous for their production of superb wines. In this region, companies such as Macía Batle or Ferrer have been established for years and have gradually built up an impeccable worldwide reputation as producers of exceptional wines. Mallorca has rightly obtained its place amongst the top ranks of the wine production industry, and other wine areas on the Spanish mainland such as la Rioja have acknowledged the serious Mallorcan competition. There are many spectacular, luxury country estates for sale near Santa Maria del Camí or Binissalem in this wine area.

The major cities are Inca, famous for leather production and its Thursday morning market; then there is Manacor with its furniture manufacturers and the world-famous pearl factories. A finca for sale on the outskirts of Inca or Manacor are property options for the locals, not so much for foreigners. The centre is definitely the most economical area to buy a property, affordable to those who are not millionaires!

Properties for sale in the Centre

The property selection in this area is based upon two major property types: the country homes also known as fincas, which includes the English version “estate” and a house in one of the pretty villages or major towns such as Inca or Manacor. The price of a finca for sale in the centre of the island will be far less expensive than one around Pollensa or over in and around Artà.

A town house for sale in the historic village Petra will also have a lower price tag than elsewhere. This is because of the “old rule” that the closer you get to the coast and beaches, the more expensive a property will get. Towns like Pollensa have become very popular with an international clientele and this has, unfortunately, driven prices up. Only a certain type of foreign buyer will decide to go for a town house in Sineu or Ariany! This person is looking for a peaceful home and not necessarily a solely investment property.

Investment in Real Estate

The centre is probably the most diverse region as far as the landscape is concerned. Property owners may not get the spectacular sea views that others enjoy who have bought on or near the coast, but they have an awesome overview of the mountain range and enjoy a blissful tranquillity that other areas cannot offer. The only noise that might “disturb” the owner of a finca for sale near Sencelles or Porreras are the sheep bleating and the cow bells! The peaceful villages offer a traditional lifestyle in Mallorcan town houses with all the typical features a heart can desire. Investing in a property in this central region will guarantee a good rental income, if the owner wishes to generate money from the property, as this area is popular for peace-seeking holidaymakers who want a relaxing break from hectic lifestyles back home. The good news is that no matter where you decide to buy your dream Mallorca property for sale, you are never far from the coast and a max 25-minute drive will take you to one of the island’s lovely beaches!

Come and speak to our team of professionals, our offices have been based on the island now for over 20 years, we know this area and all others better than anyone else! We can give you a complete overview of the property scene in all regions of the island.


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