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I want to sell my property.  Where do I start and what should I consider? How do I establish the value of my property?

Obtaining a realistic valuation is essential. Overstating the property value may dampen buyer interest and cause you to miss out on a possible sale.  On the other hand, undervaluing your property could result in a low return or a loss in your original investment.

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We carefully determine value using a set of criteria such as location, plot and build size, location and property conditions.  As specialists in our field with unrivalled knowledge of the market and area, we are always confident of our assessment.

Effectively presenting your property will greatly influence buyer interest and value.

If not done correctly, you may be overlooked or misinterpreted as unsuitable, when in fact poor marketing may be to blame.  How many times have you browsed property websites only to be met with unattractive, amateur photography and unclear information?

Balearic Properties recently won the 2017-18 European awards for real estate agency marketing Spain.  Our fantastic website has been carefully designed to be attractive yet practical and constantly achieves top Google rankings which guide potential buyers straight to us.  We use professional photographers as well as state of the art technology including drones which provide outstanding aerial views of our properties and their surroundings.  Listings are marketed globally to international clientele, thus enabling optimum opportunity to achieve successful sales.

Every seller and property is unique as are potential buyers.  Ascertaining the requirements of a potential buyer early on will save valuable time and disappointment.

Our knowledgeable staff will match your property with serious buyers who are clear about what they want.  Viewings will be arranged by us and coordinated at your convenience.

It is highly recommended that you use the professional services of an estate agent as it will save you time and unwanted anxiety.

There are a multitude of factors involved in property sales, from valuation and marketing, to liaising with the solicitor and notary

We will guide you through the experience taking into account your needs, whilst eradicating any trepidation you may have.  Our trained professionals will ensure your experience is a rewarding one.

As Mallorca’s longest established and leading property expert, our extensive knowledge of the area and understanding of the ever changing market is unrivalled.

Take advantage of our in-house specialists who will advise and support you throughout your sale.

They will expertly and efficiently market your property, catering to any style, with the sole objective of obtaining the best sale in the fastest time.

Our website uniquely includes videos of our featured properties which can also be viewed via YouTube where you can subscribe to our channel for regular updates.  Unlike other estate agents, we deliver exclusive exterior and panoramic views of the stunning homes and locations on offer.

Our fantastic reputation and impressive track record, combined with our broad client base and internet presence, ensures that your property receives maximum exposure.

If you require anonymity, we provide a professional and discreet service and if necessary can collaborate with you and tailor to suit your needs.

As a well-respected global force, Savills has a major international presence in the real estate business, boasting 700 offices and employing a staggering 30,000 people. We have joined forces and are now Savills International Associate for Mallorca.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our property owners, who will benefit from additional marketing across 60 countries whilst increased international exposure of our Mallorca property portfolio will generate further interest from global investors.

We are delighted to join forces as two esteemed brands sharing the same ethical values and business objectives.

Balearic properties now boast two offices in the exclusive town of Pollensa. One of which is our headquarters, originally established over 20 years ago it serves the northern areas of Mallorca all the way down to the outskirts of Palma.

Our Puerto Portals office covers southern Mallorca, including the south-west which caters to a constant stream of clients, many of those international who require high end, luxury properties.  With the launch of our new office in Palma centre, we have secured our position as the leading real estate agent in Mallorca.

For the best in property sales, look no further than Balearic Properties / Savills.

We are leaders in our sector and our multi-lingual team of professionals provide an unparalleled service you can trust. 

Balearic Properties is always focused on offering top quality properties with the right value for money factor. We not only advise our clients in important real estate issues, but also with regards to the various island locations, lifestyle, trends and infra-structure. Our friendly, dedicated and dynamic team is eager to support you in researching your dream property and to advise regarding the best purchase structure in accordance to your requirements.

In general, the sale of a property is an important decision, which affects many aspects in the life of the vendor. In addition to financial effects, of course, a personal change is also involved and that is why a lot of consideration is needed to decide when best to make a move. Of course, it is not always possible to wait for the perfect sales moment, but there are some basic rules, especially here in Mallorca.

First you should be clear about the goals you hope to achieve by selling your property. NEVER act rashly, because in hindsight you will seriously regret it. In the best case scenario, you should schedule a few months, so that everything is dealt with without hectic and stress. Nevertheless, in the event that an owner is in a hurry to sell his property here in Mallorca where, under normal circumstances, the real estate scene changes fast, it makes sense to seek the advice of an agent. An agent disposes of a very good network of contacts and can so accelerate the sale a lot.

Taking a look at the market prices on the island, we can see that we are currently in quite a good period regarding property sales. The world is on the road to recovering from the financial crisis and on Mallorca, which, as opposed to the Spanish mainland, was not in any case as strongly affected due to the enormous tourist revenue, prices have begun to increase again in recent years.  

Which prices are currently being traded on the island?

To answer this question, it is advisable to keep your eyes and ears open. You get a realistic picture of the market value of your own property when you research the prices of similar properties with comparable properties in a comparable location. If you want even more detailed information, you can have an evaluation of your property carried out by a real estate agency.

How is the market value of a property determined?

In order to assess the exact market value of your property many factors must be considered. The size in m2s, the location, the interior and, of course, the condition of the property must be considered. Here in Mallorca, where the real estate scene can change rapidly and there is a high demand, you can therefore achieve a significantly higher market price compared to similar properties in the UK. Our sales experts at Balearic Properties will be delighted to evaluate your property and give you a professional indication regarding the final price you might be able to achieve for the sale.

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  • Should you employ an agent or take the house sale into your own hands?
  • What has to be considered regarding the sales contract and the following process?
  • Which are the most frequent mistakes that can happen during the property sale?
  • Do I need an energy certificate for my house sale? What do I have to be aware of?

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