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20 year fixed rate mortage

At CaixaBank we’d like to welcome you to your new property so that you can feel right at home in Spain.

That’s why we offer you a high-value financial support, advice and guidance service to make the whole process of finding and buying your new home easier, so that all you need to worry about is what really matters: enjoying yourself.

20-Year fixed rate mortgage

A fixed interest-rate mortgage over 20 years

A mortgage where the interest rate won’t change in 20 years, so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that whatever happens you’ll always pay the same instalments throughout the life of the mortgage.

Benefit from a fixed interest rate
• You’ll always pay the same and be protected against future rate increases.
• You’ll be able to plan your family finances in detail.
• If the maximum reduction is applicable, you’ll get a nominal interest rate of 1.99%.

We make the whole process easier for you
• We approve your mortgage before proceeding with valuation.
• We inform you of both the costs of your new mortgage and the conveyancing costs.
• You’ll have a benchmark for the market value of your new home with the valuation.
• Also, if you take out HolaBank insurance, security systems and financial solutions, you’ll get reductions and you can pay less for your mortgage.
• Direct debits (International OTF)2 to enable you to transfer funds in pounds sterling on a regular basis from your UK account to your CaixaBank account.

Why take out a fixed interest rate mortgage?

Because now is a good time
• The interest rate is at its lowest for 30 years.
• A fixed interest rate is the best option in such a low-rate environment because sooner or later rates will tend to rise, and therefore so would the repayments on your mortgage.

Because, whatever happens,you’ll always pay the same

• The fixed repayment amount lets you forget about possible future interest rate rises, so avoiding any worries.
• If your income rises in the future, your financial position will be more comfortable. And if your income falls, you’ll be able to afford to pay your mortgage more easily.

Because you’ll be able to plan with confidence

• Managing your home finances is much easier if you know your outgoings in advance and, in turn, this lets you plan your everyday spending and
your future with greater confidence.
• On the other hand, knowing your fixed costs also lets you know how much you can save to provide for any unexpected family contingencies.

All the peace of mind you need

Feel secure and relaxed both at home and away, because we offer you exclusive home insurance and finance for an alarm, providing broad, comprehensive cover.

SegurCaixa Premium Home

Insure your home and cover all possible losses to both building and contents. All with personalised service.
• You can insure your home for up to €3,000,000 for the building and €1,000,000 for the contents.
• Extended legal protection service.
• Optional cover for jewellery and valuables (up to €100,000).
• Payment of claims within a maximum of 48 hours.
• Third-party civil liability for domestic staff.

HolaBank Securitas Direct3 alarm

Remotely monitor the security of your home 365 days a year from your mobile.
• You can see and hear what’s happening in your home in real time.
• Key custody and travel to your home if the alarm is set off. Response in less than 30 seconds, with notification of police or emergency services.
• Entrance and exit monitoring.
• SOS button and power cut warning.

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