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Iris Gruenewald

How much is your property worth?

Once you have firmly decided you want to sell your Mallorca property you should be sensible and contact professionals for assistance and advice. No matter how many years you have been coming to Mallorca and how well you think you know the property market, only the professionals can tell you all about the current tendencies and pricings in the sales market.

Our company has over 16 years of business experience and history in Mallorca, hard work and dedication have been rewarded with success and we are delighted to put our profound knowledge at your disposal. And do not worry: we cover 11 languages in our company so that makes sure you will be attended to in your native language!

Steps taken to provide you with a free valuation:

  1. Extensive viewing of your Mallorca property for sale by a member of our sales team who specialises in your area
  2. Our colleague will have an in-depth conversation with you regarding the history of your property (i.e. year of any reform work etc.)
  3. Interior and exterior photos will be taken by a professional
  4. All relevant property documents will be studied and photo-copied (i.e. title deeds)
  5. You will be advised upon how to prepare your property for the sales market (house and grounds)
  6. The property will be discussed amongst the whole team; aspects such as recent property sales in your area, client enquiries / budgets directly for your area will be interchanged
  7. A complete and detailed written valuation report with be produced including comparable Mallorca properties for sale
  8. Our realistic and market-orientated valuation of your property is given

You will be holding out for the highest possible price but depending, of course, upon your circumstances and the reason/s you want to sell, heed our professional advice and we can guarantee that your property for sale will then change ownership sooner than later!


Want to know how much rent you can achieve?

Renting your property for sale in the meantime, in order to generate income whilst you are not able to visit the island, is a fantastic means of letting the property pay for itself and leave you with a neat monthly sum!

We have a multi-lingual team of rental experts who can advise you with regards to all issues related to the rental of your Mallorca property for sale.

  1. They will come to view your property for sale
  2. They will advise how to optimize your property for the rental market
  3. If not available, they will also take interior and exterior photos
  4. The most important factor for you is, of course, how much per week can your property achieve and again our experts will give you realistic and market-orientated figures depending also upon the time of the year
  5. They will explain the payment procedure and you will be delighted to receive your payments before the clients arrive

So all you have to do is sit back and let others do all the work for you whilst your Mallorca property for sale is making money for you.

No matter if you want to sell or rent your property, it makes sense to come and talk to us because you want the most experienced and reputable company to represent you!

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