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Property Lawyers in Mallorca
Buying a property in Mallorca

It is recommended that a lawyer is engaged before you buy the property

From now on until and after completion of the purchase, the lawyer will take care and assist you in all the different steps involved in the transaction. We at BALEARIC PROPERTIES can handle, on request, all legal matters that arise during the purchase of a Mallorca property in order to make the whole procedure "stress-free" for our clients.

We will always obtain for our clients information of the probable expenses which are likely to occur during and after the purchase, and also any further issues which our clients should require assistance with.  For your information and peace-of-mind however, please find below details of the purchasing procedure here in Spain; this is purely a summary and some points may vary depending on the individual circumstances of each transaction.

When buying a property in Spain, it is necessary that you take legal advice from a solicitor or lawyer with high experience in real estate planning.  

If you are buying or selling a property visit Property-Lawyers.com, the definitive guide to english speaking real estate lawyers and solicitors in Mallorca.


All purchases require some form of deposit initially, the amounts varying depending on the property or development, this serves the purpose of taking the property off of the market. Before you commit yourself to a purchase ensure that you have the deposit money necessary and also the further sums payable at different stages of the purchasing process.

The deposit to pay at this stage could be anything between 1.205 euros to 10% of the purchase price.  Within one or two weeks a private agreement/option between the "purchaser" and the "seller" is signed; it is normal to pay 10% directly to the "seller" at this point. Together with the agent, the purchaser and seller's lawyers should determine all outstanding debts and rates of the property in order to arrange settlement of these inaccordance with the agreement. For example, property tax (I.B.I.), community fees, water bills, etc.


Thirty to forty days following the reservation agreement, completion of the purchase takes place in front of a notary, who issues the title deed, or "escritura". If the purchase is financed with a mortgage the bank representatives will be present in order to pay and sign the mortgage. The title deed should then be registered by the lawyer in the corresponding Property Register.


The law states that the seller should pay a part of the notary fee and what is known as "plúsvalia municipal". All other costs are to be paid by the buyer. 
However, in the majority of cases it is agreed that all costs are met by the buyer, a more practical decision as it is likely that the seller may leave the country.

The lawyers charge around 1% of the purchase price, but a minimum of 905 euros. Approximated costs for the Notary and registering of the property´s

Plúsvalia Municipal :
Mentioned above, this is a Municipal tax that is paid each time a property changes hands. It is a little complicated to calculate, but it basically depends on the property's tax value and also how long it has been owned by the seller. Usually it falls between 300 to 1.810 euros.

Tax/V.A.T. (I.V.A.)
Depending on the party's juridical status and the type of the property, there is a 7% transfer tax or 16% V.A.T. (I.V.A.).For Example, on brand new homes, you pay 7% V.A.T. + 0,5% Stamp-duty; second-hand homes, you pay 7% transfer tax; villa plots from a promoter, you pay 16% V.A.T. + 0,5% Stamp-duty.


For some purchasers there might be an advantage in forming a holding company.Now it is mostly Spanish limited companies that cost around 1.810 euros in fees to form and an additional 1% of the desired capital as stamp duty. This is a more viable option for >purchasers of more expensive properties as company running costs are around 1.205 euros per year.


We can help you gain information about certain financial institutions who may be able to partly finance your purchase with a mortgage. Non-residents are eligible for a mortgage amounting to as much as 70% of the valuation price of the property. Standard rate of interest is Euribor index plus 1,0 -1,25%.

Should you have any questions regarding the above information please do not hesitate to contact our offices where we will be more than happy to deal with your query.

TOP 20 Best Mallorca Property Lawyers and Law Firms in 2024

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Buying a property in today’s age can be quite frustrating especially if you don’t know all the legal documentation and legal processes that are required. The best practice now a days is to hire a Property lawyer to help you with the legal process, doing so will make your life a little easier and the process of purchasing or selling property a breeze. If you are looking to buy or sell property in Mallorca, you may be wondering as to which law firm or lawyer to go with as there are so many of them. Well no need to fret anymore as we have compiled a list of top 20 best property lawyers and law firms available in Mallorca for the year 2021. So grab your phone, hold on to your notebooks and go through our list.


1. Bufete Morell 

Bufete Morell is an independent, private firm of lawyers in Mallorca. We are specialists in Mallorca Property. Located in Mallorca’s capital city of Palma, our team of Mallorca solicitors, offers property conveyancing and assistance with property investments. We also offer financial advice, mortgage information and a comprehensive range of other legal services in Mallorca.

Contact information

Address. Plaza de Frederic Chopin No. 1 Palma
Phone: +34 971 719 409

2. Will Besga - Mallorca Law

The firm Mallorca law is setup by Will Besga, which specializes in commercial and residential property law, However, the firm also provides services in other aspects of law such as inheritance law and family law. Will Besga is considered to be one of the most influential lawyers and his law firms as one of the best in Mallorca for Property law. The company provides services to their clients in English and Spanish.

Contact information

Address. Paseo del Borne 17, 1A, Palma
Phone: +34 971 969 702

3.  Ripoll & Mateu Solicitors Mallorca

Founded more then 28 years ago, this law firm boasts of covering every inch of Balearic Islands. Ripoll & Mateu specializes in  urban real estate law, commercial and tax law. The firm has clients all over Europe including non-residents from UK that are willing to invest in Mallorca island. The firm boasts of the highly professional and skilled team of lawyers who have helped their numerous clients in matters related to property law. The company provides services in English, Spanish and German. 

Contact information

Address. Carrer Alcudía Nº5,
07460 Pollença, Illes Balears, Spain
Phone: (+34) 971 536 114

4.  desalvador

The law firm desalvador, located in the Mallorca island, provides some of the most renowned legal services in terms of real estate and property law. The firm takes care of all the legal processes during your transactions, ensuring a smooth transaction with total safety, making the whole process of sale and purchase a breeze for you. Services are provided in English, Spanish and German.

Contact information

Address. c/ Pere Dezcallar i Net, 8A entlo
Palma de Mallorca 07003 Spain
Phone: +34 649 98 98 97

5.  Feliu Bellapart

Feliu Bellapart, have a professional, multidisciplinary and international team, allowing us to provide a high quality service in over 10 languages. Our personalized service and human approach are also our distinguishing features.

Contact information

Address. Paseo Mallorca 2, 1º
Palma de Mallorca 07012 Spain
Phone: +34 971 71 48 50

6. Despacho Morell Lawyers in Palma

Despacho Morell opened its doors in the year 1945 by Joaquin Morell and Rovira, at the time it was the first English speaking law firms in the area. The firm provides legal services for multiple aspects, property law being one of those. Said to be one of the best in client services, this firm has made it to our top 20 list for this purpose.

Contact information

Address. Pza. Juan Carlos I Nº7 1st A
Palma De Mallorca 07012 Spain
Phone: +34 971 71 01 47

7. Blevins Franks

This firm has its branches all over Europe, and the company prefers not to be considered as a law firm. However, the specialist advisors at Blevins Franks provide some of the best legal advice when it comes to tax, Property Law, investments

Contact information

Address. Gran Vía Puig des Castellet, 1, Santa Ponsa
Phone: +34 971 71 91 81

8. Bufete Frau - Property Lawyers, Tax and Wealth Management Specialists

Bufete Frau is considered to be one of the best specialist Spanish law firms in the Balearic Islands, they offer multi aspect legal services which include Property law. The company boasts of the importance they give to their clients and the human approach of the firm. The company provides services in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish and Norwegian.

Contact information

Address. San Miguel, 36 1º
Palma De Mallorca 07002 Spain
Phone: +34 (971) 228-036

9. Maria Garau - Lawyer in Palma 

Lawyer Maria Garau has over 20 years of experience and offers her legal and tax services to foreigner and non residents in Mallorca, She specializes in transaction in the real estate sector and has multiload of corporate clients. Her office provides services in English, Spanish, German, Catalan and French.

Contact information

Address. Passatge Particular Antoni Torrandell, 2 Entresuelo, Palma
Phone: +34 971 919 555


10. ETL Mallorca 

The firm ETL Mallorca consists of a highly professional and competent list of multinational lawyers who provide multi aspect legal services in Russian, German, Spanish and English. They specialize in Real Estate Law, Tax, Commercial law and Spanish labour law. Apart from these the firm also provides services in other aspect of the legal system.

Contact information

Address. Paseo Mallorca 18, Palma de Mallorca
Phone: +34 971 214 700


11. Dr. Frühbeck Lawyers

Founded in the year 1952, Dr. Frühbeck Abogados is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to offering multilingual legal services to resident and non-resident clients of Mallorca Island. The company specializes in multi aspect legal services, which also include property and real estate law, commercial and tax law. They provide services in German ,English and Spanish specifically.

Contact information

Address. Convent dels Caputxins, 4B, 3ºC
Palma de Mallorca 07002 Spain
Phone: (+34) 971 71 92 28

12. Dolphin Asesores

Founded in the year 1993 by Francisco Rossello Balle who is an attorney along with his co-founders Jose Clar Barcelo and Jaime Perera Vich both of whom are lawyers, tax specialists and economists. The firm boasts about unrivalled client service and guidance in the taxation and property law areas. Considered to be one of the best law firms when it comes to purchase or sale of property in Mallorca, the law firm deals with multiple English and Spanish speaking clients.

Contact information

Address. Avinguda d'Alexandre Rosselló, 15, Palma
Phone: +34 971 228 177


13. Januar Consulting - Solicitors in Mallorca

Unlike most of the law firms on this list, January Consulting is perhaps the only one that actually specializes in property law. Founded in the year 1957, the company has helped property owners, private individuals and entrepreneurs in property purchase and sale. Their team consists of specialist lawyers, accountants and administrative assistants. The company provides services in English, German and Spanish.

Contact information
Address. Carrer Amargura, 1 E, Manacor
Phone: +34 971 553 161


14. Garrigues

One of the top law firms in the Ibiza and Mallorca region, Garrigues has a presence all over the Balearic Islands with clients expanding from SME’s to clients ranging from healthcare, tourism and energy sectors. The company provides advice and services in multitude of legal aspects such as commercial law, property law, administrative law, litigation and others.

Contact information

Address. Avda. Conde Sallent, 23-3º BC
Palma de Mallorca 07003 Spain
Phone: +34 971 21 34 84

15. Despacho Lamas

Established in the year 1989, Despacho lamas comprises of a internationally focused competent team of lawyers who offer multi aspect legal services and foreign investment consultancy to their clients. The company boasts to have advised over more than a thousand clients on legal matters such as investment, Real Estate law, tax and commercial law. The company provides services in Spanish, English and German.

Contact information

Address. c/ Sindicato 69, 10º
Phone: + 34 971 720 202


16. Bufete Staubach

One of the best law firms in the island of Mallorca, Bufete Staubach offers services in all aspects of the law especially in tax and accounting. Their vision is to provide personalized client care, and the best services in every aspect of law for their clients. Because of their top rated service, Bufete Staubach has made it to the top of our list of best property lawyers in Mallorca. The Firm offers their services for clients in languages such as English, German, Spanish & Catalan. 

Contact information

Address. Av. Jaime III 18, entresuelo A. Palma
Phone: Palma office: +34 971 227 727 / Bendinat office: +34 653 965 663


17. De la Mata Abogados

We provide high level advise on the acquisition and sale of real estate in Mallorca, development construction and any related dealings with real estate. We have worked with clients from all around the world and are committed to understanding not only your specific needs, but also your cultural background

Contact information

Address. Ca’n Puigdorfila, 2, 2ºA, 
07001 Palma de Mallorca
Phone+34 871 575 625


18. Cuatrecasas, Goncalves Pereira

Led by Miguel Trías, the law firm Cuatrecasas, Goncalves Pereira has some of the most influential clients in the Balearic Islands. The firm provides multi aspect legal services to their clients in Mallorca. These services include Property law and commercial law which are provided in English and Spanish.

Contact information

Address. Colón, 9
Palma de Mallorca 07001, Spain
Phone: +34 971 425 700


19. Buse Heberer Fromm

Buse Heberer Fromm has more than a 100 lawyers at its disposal and they make sure that each client is a priority. The firm specializes in Property law and other legal aspects in the Mallorca island. The lawyers are mostly from Germany or Spain and services are provided in German and Spanish.

Contact information

Address. C/ Constitución nº 1, 3º izq.
Palma de Mallorca 07001 Spain
Phone: +34 971 42 57 40


20. Tomas-Verdera Lawyers.

Based in Palma de Mallorca, Tomas-verdera lawyers specialises in Marine law and Property law. Their legal services extend to insurance, tax and custom law as well. 

Contact information

Address. Plaza Santa Eulalia, 5, 1º
Palma De Mallorca 07001 Spain
Phone: + 34-971-724735

Once you have chosen a reliable lawyer in Mallorca, what next ?

Finca for sale in Pollensa

Your lawyer will represent you throughout and after the purchase of a property

It is strongly recommended that you choose a Mallorca property lawyer who specialises in Mallorca property law. Nowadays, you can easily find an English speaking lawyer to represent you throughout the purchase process of your Mallorca property for sale. In fact, there are so many registered in the island, you can take your pick! Your appointed lawyer will also take care of your affairs after the purchase transaction, so preferably appoint one who has an office locally. 

In Mallorca the procedure of purchasing property for sale differs to the system in the UK, therefore it is important for any buyer of a property in Mallorca to seek independent and professional advice. Once you have found the villa or country house for sale you wish to buy, you should ideally appoint a lawyer right away; definitely before you sign any contract of reservation or pay a preliminary deposit for your chosen Mallorca property. 

With the sales experts at Balearic Properties and a specialised lawyer by your side, buying your dream Mallorca property for sale is a smooth process!

Your property lawyer’s duties are:

  1. Apply for a Spanish NIE number (Foreigner’s ID Number) for you
  2. Finalise the terms and conditions of the purchase contract and determine the additional costs and taxes of the transaction.
  3. Conduct a land registry search to confirm the official ownership and the description of the property, determine whether the building is registered and if any charges such as a mortgage, debts or fines are attached to the property for sale.
  4. Conduct a thorough search at the local council planning office to find out whether a legal construction license/permission for the building exists and whether the construction surface is in accordance to the regulations and license. Determine if the property for sale has the certificate of habitation (cédula de habitabilidad).
  5. Conduct a search at the catastro registry office to confirm the so-called catastral value and the official surface declared.
  6. If you are buying an apartment or townhouse for sale in a complex, your lawyer will check any communal obligations and that the seller has an updated record of all community charges and proof of payment up to date.
  7. Check whether or not all general and local taxes have been paid up to date.
  8. A Spanish Power of Attorney will be issued if the purchaser is not able to be present at the transaction.
  9. Represent you at a Notary Public when the transaction takes place. A notary is a Spanish Public Servant who certifies the capacity of the parties and the content of the title-deed, the so-called “escritura”.
  10. Your lawyer will ensure that the ITP Property Transfer Tax is paid to the Balearics Tax Authorities within 30 days once the transaction has been completed.
  11. Your lawyer will also then notify utility companies (electricity, water, etc) of the change of ownership and organise payment arrangements with your local Spanish bank.

Of course, Balearic Properties Mallorca can advise you and recommend a suitable lawyer according to your needs, local contacts, languages and expertise. Contact us for any questions

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