Living in a Paradise: The Tramuntana Mountains

That Mallorca is unequalled regarding its landscape, lifestyle, climate, culture and people is not news. If, in addition, one bears in mind that UNESCO awarded part of the island as a World Heritage Site in 2011, this makes Mallorca the perfect paradise.

Running from southwest to northeast, the mountain range known as Serra de Tramuntana with peaks reaching 1400 metres, as it is the case of Puig Major or Puig de Massanella, offers an amazing panorama. The harmonious combination of mountains and valleys, their geology and forest cover or the diversity of plant and animal species are only some examples of what gives every single town, village and hamlet located along the range an outstanding beauty. Municipalities such as Sóller, Valldemossa, Deià, Estellencs, Esporles, Banyalbufar, Fornalutx, Puigpunyent, Escorca or Pollença, are a must stop in any sightseeing route of this Mediterranean treasure and some of the most attractive and valued sites for foreign investors.

Watch the following video of Estrella Damm a year ago, when the Serra de Tramuntana was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its scenic and cultural values.

Thus was born the idea of shooting the video for Estrella Damm in Mallorca, to claim the culture, landscape and Mediterranean lifestyle.

The song is “You can not say no forever” Lacrosse Swedish group and you will see some of the most beautiful spots of the Serra de Tramuntana

The towns in the Serra de Tramuntana are of great historical, cultural and architectural interest. Although these three aspects are inextricably interwoven, regarding the latter, it is worth mentioning the construction of dry-stone walling for paths, bridges and buildings, and the urban landscape with public washing places, mills and public wells. Rural estates called possessions, central in agricultural farms, deserve special attention.

They functioned around a farming unit, which employed many labourers. In fact, the estate houses were divided into the landowners’ houses and the farm managers’ house. The owners of these estates have usually been genealogically related to the descendents of noble landowning families. What makes each of them unique is that they have adapted over centuries and followed the architectural trends of their period. This way, one finds, for example, Baroque mansions, such as Alfàbia (Bunyola) and La Granja (Esporles) or neoclassical ones, such as Raixa (Bunyola). Nowadays, possessions are considered authentic mansions and a target for property buyers interested in acquiring a symbol of tradition and identity in Mallorca.

As a matter of interest, it is curious to note that since previous centuries the area of Serra de Tramuntana has been a meeting and inspiring place for artists, intellectuals and other world famous personalities. Chopin and George Sand, Robert Graves, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Claudia Schiffer or Boris Becker did not only become impressed, but they also settled and bought properties here.

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