Buy a Mallorca villa for sale and make money by renting it out

Spectacular villa for sale with an excellent rental track record Price: 690.000 € Ref: POL4641SUB – Villa with Pool, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms – Size 251 m² See This Villa Now Yet another thriving business venture in Mallorca: here are some best buy-to-let opportunities according to our experts Fact is this island is full of […]

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British Retirees Seek Bargain Mallorca Properties

Spain may be having a bit of a tough time economically at the moment, but this state of affairs isn’t putting off certain groups of Brits looking for a life in the sun on the lovely island of Majorca. That’s because these groups of UK nationals happen to be happily retired! The upshot of this […]

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Buying a Distressed Property in Mallorca

Since the virtual collapse of the Spanish housing market a few years ago, one positive result of the downturn has been a number of Majorcan ‘distressed’ properties appearing on the market, attracting potential buyers looking to own their dream home on the island of Mallorca. Now the housing market in Mallorca is showing signs of […]

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Looking For a Mallorcan Property? Consider a Bank Repossession

You’ve dreamed of owning a home on the lovely island of Majorca and the good news is there are many fabulous Mallorcan properties currently on the market to choose from. However, one attractive option popular at the moment is to look for a Majorcan property that has been repossessed by the bank. The truth is, […]

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Boris Becker’s luxury villa could prove a bargain for one lucky buyer

A luxury Mallorca villa purchased by Boris Becker in the late 1990s is being sent to auction in order to pay off outstanding debts associated with the property. The German tennis star briefly put the villa on the market in 2007 for close to €15 million euros, but withdrew the property shortly after. Mr. Becker […]

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Repossessions in Mallorca

Are there Real Property Repossessions to buy in Mallorca? It is perhaps not pleasant to reflect that the repossession of any property by the bank very likely represents a broken dream for someone. On the other hand, why would one allow the bank to take over that dream for longer than necessary? Someone might as […]

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