Rechtliche Neuigkeiten über die Ungleichbehandlung von Steuerresidenten und Nichtsteuerresidenten in Spanienx on Inheritances and Gifts between residents and non-residents

The latest news regarding taxation of inheritances and gifts in Mallorca

The differences between tax obligations for residents and non-residents In February 2014 the European Union Court of Justice finally passed the law that puts an end to the unequal treatment regarding the tax on inheritances and gifts between residents and non-residents in Mallorca; an unequal assessment that sometimes led to a taxation exceeding 80%! The […]

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Your “Plan of Action” for purchasing a property on Mallorca

No matter how exciting the idea is, once you decide to “got for it” and invest your hard earned cash in an overseas property on Mallorca, you realise one thing is making the decision the other is how to go about it! Stay cool and whatever you do: don’t stress out no matter how daunting […]

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Adoption of the law which includes an amnesty for properties “out of regulation“.

The new land law of the balearic islands On March 11th the Parliament of the Balearic Islands adopted the new regulation of the use of the land of the Islands, an important event, because our Autonomy until now did not count on a law of the land. The new law implies important changes of the urbanistic […]

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Sterling may rise against the euro in 2014, as the UK economy improves

Sterling could jump against the euro in 2014, which means your savings will stretch further when you buy a property in Mallorca. This year may be a good time to buy a property in Mallorca, because the pound looks set to strengthen against the euro. Late last month for instance, sterling hit 1.2243 versus the […]

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Protect your privacy when buying a property

In recent years, consumers’ privacy and identity has become at risk partly due to the fast up-dating of technologies and, more specifically, due to the massive use of online personal information. As acquiring a property is a very personal decision, it is comprehensible that a buyer might want to protect his privacy. Thus, according to […]

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Key Information about Setting up a Will in Spain

  Setting up a will is essential for any foreigners who live in Spain. Otherwise, the estate belonging to foreigners who die intestate will be disposed of under Spanish law and the law regarding obligatory heirs applied. This is why a foreigner who has lived in Spain for a long time may find it necessary […]

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