Serra de Tramuntana of Mallorca, UNESCO World Heritage

Living in a Paradise: The Tramuntana Mountains That Mallorca is unequalled regarding its landscape, lifestyle, climate, culture and people is not news. If, in addition, one bears in mind that UNESCO awarded part of the island as a World Heritage Site in 2011, this makes Mallorca the perfect paradise. Running from southwest to northeast, the […]

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Mallorca or Menorca: which is better to see and enjoy?

For many years, the Balearic Islands have been a major destination for those of us who want to enjoy a special holiday in the sun or even to buy a property there. But which of the Balearic Islands is the best? We’ve decided to discount the party island of Ibiza for now and concentrate on […]

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Top 10 exquisite Mallorcan homes with a private pool

For owners of beautiful secluded homes in Majorca a swimming pool is an absolute must Whether it’s starting the day with a healthy swim before breakfast, or just lounging by the pool, drink in hand, on a beautiful Mallorcan sunny day, a private swimming pool is the icing on the cake for upmarket home owners […]

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Boris Becker’s luxury villa could prove a bargain for one lucky buyer

A luxury Mallorca villa purchased by Boris Becker in the late 1990s is being sent to auction in order to pay off outstanding debts associated with the property. The German tennis star briefly put the villa on the market in 2007 for close to €15 million euros, but withdrew the property shortly after. Mr. Becker […]

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Mallorcan Fiestas, an Alternative Way of Partying

  Apart from some traditions we share with many other countries around the world, in Mallorca we often celebrate our own fiestas. Some of them have a historical interest whereas others have a religious origin, which can be either the commemoration of a specific biblical passage or more frequently the festivity of a saint. No […]

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Buying a Property in Spain

All important procedures require certain paperwork and buying a house in Spain is no exception. The guidelines here presented refer to the steps one should follow throughout the process. First, before signing the title deed, one must acquire the NIE (foreigner’s tax identification number) which is a legal document issued by the National Police and […]

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