Hear from local property owners how they are adjusting to the restrictions on everyday life in Mallorca during Covid-19

Many owners of properties for sale in Mallorca are extremely grateful to be here on the island where they feel much safer, than in
their home countries.

Mallorca has got to be the best place to be during this period of  “no-movement and more or less everywhere is closed”.

“I may not be able to go to the gorgeous beaches shown above right now, but I know that it is very close-by and that it will be one of the first places to hit once we can move around freely again” Says Sally from London

Right now here in Pollensa folks are bearing up brilliantly many houses have hoisted the famous Pollensa flag to send out the clear sign of solidarity and that we are all staying strong. This fantastic community has become home to many foreign residents, some of which are also staying in their Mallorca country homes and townhouses right now. Thankfully, we are all privileged to be able to enjoy Mallorca’s wonderful sun on our terraces or in our gardens in spite of the wise restriction rules.

The Pollensa Flag

This flag will surely become a symbol of unity and togetherness, and also a symbol of defiance of the Covid-19 CoronaVirus. Every evening at around 8pm, the local police cars drive around town with their sirens announcing their arrival and we all rush out onto our terraces, or stop our roof-top exercises to clap and show them our appreciation. These great guys are sending out the message to us all: “Hey, we are here looking after you” – what a wonderful gesture. Other people are playing music out loud to their
neighbours, and yesterday afternoon a guy gave us a concert singing away to his guitar! Standing out there in the sunshine, listening to the Latino music, for a while all worries were far away.

Living in town of Pollensa during lockdown

Calvari Steps Pollensa

Pollensa is a fantastic town to live in, quaint streets, lovely boutiques and super meeting places all over the centre. People who have bought a town house for sale in Mallorca and have turned it into their home from home, love the unique atmosphere
and laid-back lifestyle – not forgetting the culinary delights that the restaurants and tapas bars surprise clients with and we can’t wait for them to open again!
Mallorca in lockdown but we are all getting on with our lives, many working from home, staying strong and positive. The sun is shining strongly and we all look forward to a bright future, coming out of this situation with a new feeling of togetherness!

Other areas in Mallorca under the lockdown

In another area of the island, the local police in the cute coastal village Deià, set in the beautiful Tramuntana Mountains, the police are driving around and stopping a various corners in the village, one of them is playing his guitar while his colleagues sing and dance a bit in the street – their fantastic effort to cheer
people up! Folks feel safer here on this wonderful island surrounded by the stunning Med. that sets us apart from more stricken areas. Mallorca has always worked its special magic on people. The natural beauty of its landscape, the gorgeous beaches attract visitors and property buyers from all corners of the earth. This extra special magic is certainly working wonders right now that and the knowledge and appreciation that we are living in a paradise!

Stay safe, take care and watch this space, there’s more to come from our island

Your Balearic Properties Team in Mallorca

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