Mallorca Lockdown: how Majorcan life in has changed under the coronavirus lockdown?

Hear from local property owners how they are adjusting to the restrictions on everyday life in Mallorca during Covid-19 Many owners of properties for sale in Mallorca are extremely grateful to be here on the island where they feel much safer, than in their home countries. Mallorca has got to be the best place to be during […]

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Property for sale in Mallorca’s Tramuntana World Heritage Site [available]

Unique property for sale in Mallorca with over 100 ha A piece of authentic Mallorca is now for sale This majestic country house for sale in Mallorca boasts massive 115 hectares, or over 1.1 million m2 of land and is located in the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range, close to one of the most original […]

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Top 10 exquisite Mallorcan homes with a private pool

For owners of beautiful secluded homes in Majorca a swimming pool is an absolute must Whether it’s starting the day with a healthy swim before breakfast, or just lounging by the pool, drink in hand, on a beautiful Mallorcan sunny day, a private swimming pool is the icing on the cake for upmarket home owners […]

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Why is Mallorca the second best place to live in the World?

According to recent statistics, Mallorca is at the top of the ranking when it comes to looking for the best place to live in. The biggest of the Balearic Islands and its capital, Palma, offers everything one needs to live a comfortable, safe, happy, entertained and also relaxed easy life. It provides good opportunities for […]

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Best Paella Restaurant in Mallorca

One of our favorite places to eat a good paella in Mallorca is the Restaurant Can Manolo . Located at number 4 Federico Garcia Lorca Street, in Palma de Majorca (at the beginning of the road to Porto Pi) , here you’ll find one of the best Paellas on the island. The restaurant Ca’n Manolo […]

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Repossessions in Mallorca

Are there Real Property Repossessions to buy in Mallorca? It is perhaps not pleasant to reflect that the repossession of any property by the bank very likely represents a broken dream for someone. On the other hand, why would one allow the bank to take over that dream for longer than necessary? Someone might as […]

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