One of our favorite places to eat a good paella in Mallorca is the Restaurant Can Manolo . Located at number 4 Federico Garcia Lorca Street, in Palma de Majorca (at the beginning of the road to Porto Pi) , here you’ll find one of the best Paellas on the island.

The restaurant Ca’n Manolo also offers a wide variety of dishes, fish and grilled seafood and grilled specialties of the mediterranean cuisine, and Majorcan dishes.

The staff has a good sense of humour, yopu’ll find the place always plenty of Spanish people, most of them returning customers.

My favorite is the seafood paella blind (15 € per person) and the portions are large enogh. Especially in rice. – It is important that we beleive at this point – paella never ask for the number of guests that you may be at the table.

With a starter, for example, a paella for three is enough for four. I recommend to try as starter the squid with garlic. The best I have ever tasted since years, for desserts , we also have a bet indisputable : the sorbet with vodka, amazing .. The phone reservation , just in case is the +34 971 912 591.

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