According to recent statistics, Mallorca is at the top of the ranking when it comes to looking for the best place to live in.

The biggest of the Balearic Islands and its capital, Palma, offers everything one needs to live a comfortable, safe, happy, entertained and also relaxed easy life. It provides good opportunities for business and real estate investment thanks to its stability. As it is the destination for millions of tourists every year and an island that has historically welcomed expats from all over the world, Mallorca has a multicultural environment and it has international projection.

Here are some of the reasons why it is difficult to leave Mallorca once you visit it:

1. Mediterranean Life Style

Mediterranean life style is a perfect balance between work and leisure, family and food. People fully enjoy all the goodness of their lives and know when is a good time to relax. In Mallorca, life style options are diverse, as it offers all the best of traditional products together with state-of-the-art technology; any type of leisure activity to enjoy yourself and breathtaking natural places to chill out. The combination of all these aspects and the well-known delicacies of their cuisine make Mallorca the place everyone has ever dreamt of.

2. Weather

The island enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild winters. The island is mountainous and this gives rise to varying climatic conditions according to location: the prevailing winds come from the northwest so southeast regions are generally warmer and drier. Northwest regions and the mountains receive the highest levels of rain, though this is never particularly high. Coastal regions receive around 300 days of beautiful sunshine per year. Higher altitudes always experience cooler temperatures. Mallorca benefits from its southerly location in the Mediterranean Sea. Hot summers and mild winters are a result of its proximity to the equator.  The island is also great for a perfect autumn breack when the weather is still good and the beaches are not so crowded.

3. Natural paradise combined with fine architecture

If you wonder why Mallorca attracts so many people, it could be said that it is because of the mixture of its breathtaking views of its mountains, turquoise beaches, small towns and villages and the cosmopolitan, yet historically relevant, main city, Palma. You will find buildings as special as the Cathedral, the Bellver Castle, Arabic Baths or modernist buildings in the same area as 21st century buildings, which at the same time combine traditional materials with the most exclusive new ones. The combination of past, present and future is what makes the island an idyllic beautiful place.

4.Dynamic economy and stability

Balearics’ contribution to production in the Spanish economy has increased. Per capita income is above the European average and the islands have a growth pattern very similar to that of the most established economies. Within the framework of the European Union, legal and fiscal stability encourages economic activity and positions the Balearic Islands as the perfect location for business development. Therefore, it is the Spanish region with the largest number of companies per thousand inhabitants. The islands are home to internationally famous companies with top quality products, innovative technologies and an environment-friendly approach.

5. Fun, leisure and cultural activities

For most foreigners, Spain is synonym to fun, and Mallorca is not the exception. Contrary to what most people think, the island has a huge variety of activities and events for people of all age, not only during summer, but all year long. Apart from the typical nightlife entertainment in bars, pubs and clubs, Mallorca offers all sorts of festivals devoted to different arts, such as jazz, classical or indie music, cinema, theatre, visual arts, crafts, gastronomy, etc.

Sports have always played an important role –Rafa Nadal, Carles Moyà, Jorge Lorenzo and Margalida Fullana are  some of the best sportspersons in their category who were born here. Regularly competitions in sailing, golf, horse racing, football, tennis or paddle, among many others are organized all over the island. There is no time to get bored.

6. A well connected and easy to reach destination

In spite of being a small island in size, Mallorca is well connected with direct flights to all major European cities and several national and international airlines also offer connected flights to distant places all over the world. In fact, Son Sant Joan Airport is the third busiest airport in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona, thanks to the millions of visitors the island welcomes every year.

7. International schools for children

Regarding education, a great variety of international schools (British, German, French and Swedish) – all private and located in the south west, close to Palma and Calvià – offers curricula according to expats’ home country’s education system and combines their mother tongue (with native teachers) together with Spanish and usually additional languages. You can find information about curriculum, annual fee and method of teaching of any specific school on the net. It is advisable to visit them and check availability as soon as possible because they usually have waiting lists. Obviously, there is also the option to attend local Spanish schools, for it will allow you to live anywhere in the island.

8. Shopping in Mallorca

Like all the best international cities, Palma offers several fine shopping options. The capital of the island has several department stores containing very many fashion boutiques and superb food halls. The diversity of specialist shops (selling antiques, home-made sweets, chocolates and cakes, designer fashion, fine cosmetics, exclusive jewellery, design and interior items, etc), restaurants, cafés/bars to be found down narrow lanes or old steps is amazing. Some of the main spots are carrer Sant Miquel, Plaça Major, carrer Jaume III, Es Born and Les Rambles.

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