Ironman Mallorca – one of the world’s greatest triathlons

You have to be pretty special – fitness wise – to take part in Mallorca Ironman 70.3, an exciting three-sport competition which attracts top triathletes from around the world. Ironman challenges are held internationally, but one of the most spectacular events has to be the race which takes place every year on the beautiful island […]

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Films Shot in Majorca

Over one hundred years ago, way back in 1913, the film ‘The Secret of The Ring’ was shot on the island of Majorca. You could stay that this date was the start of the film industry’s love affair with the island. Over a century of filming on Majorca It’s hardly surprising that today Majorca remains […]

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Pollença, a little jewel for Swedish

A recent analitsys done by Trivago reveals the most searched vacational destinations by the main european markets during the last summer season. To do it, have been considered all the searches done by users of different countries to their holliday travels in June, July and August. These data offers results as than Mallorca, ahead of […]

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Discovering the best kitchen design projects in Mallorca

It’s the heart of the house, the kitchen marks the pulse of all who live in it. Large or small, opulent or modest, it’s the space most used and favorite when spending time with family or friends. On the other hand, it’s probably the most wear out stay as it has one of the most […]

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Renovating a Townhouse in Mallorca

Acquire property and start a reform project is certainly an exciting adventure. The reward is a custom home, to our liking and in which we feel comfortable, to become a real home. Each house is unique carries its past, its character and its own potential. But to get to that point … you have to […]

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