Acquire property and start a reform project is certainly an exciting adventure. The reward is a custom home, to our liking and in which we feel comfortable, to become a real home. Each house is unique carries its past, its character and its own potential. But to get to that point … you have to live the adventure, enjoying every moment but also overcoming obstacles. You should be aware that a reform involves surprises, sometimes it is not pleasant surprises but many are very nice and exciting surprises, as spaces that had been hidden arches of ancient stone reappearing during the reform, an unknown cistern that can be converted in the winery etc.

Many old townhouses purchased by foreigners in Mallorca are in need of restoration, renovation or modernisation. Before buying a property requiring these actions you should consider the alternatives. First of all, it’s vital to obtain accurate estimates of the work involved from one or more reliable local builders. You should budget for costs to be up to 100 per cent higher than quoted.

The first thing to do when confronting wing of our house rehabilitation is to determine what will be our needs. Once we are clear what we really need, we must seek a new distribution of the spaces of our home.

Mansion lleo in Pollensa Mallorca

It is important that housing is built using traditional construction techniques adapted to the local climate and the main structure is in good condition. Visit the house with our architect before purchasing is essential to ensure good construction. Rehabilitating a home can be very expensive if the supporting structure is not in good condition. Also, it’s necessary to consult the local council building regulations and if necessary expand or open new windows spaces we adjust to the local planning regulations. Most of reform works require permits very simple process and your architect or Project Manager can manage all the necessary licenses. If works are self-employed, you just have to go to city hall and ask. Licenses are neither too expensive and not too complex. The architect will help us both to set our house according to our needs and the better use of it as to control in every moment the costs of the work. Also, we informed whether we are complying with current regulations and the feasibility of carrying out the various actions and what are the licenses to be contracted and how to communicate the reform neighbors.

mansion lleo in Pollensa

The most important aspect is to find the best company for the housing reform. Dedicate some time to find the best company for the reform of our house will be our best investment. The peace of mind provided by follow a solid draft reform that guarantees not only get the house we want, but also that the deadlines and agreed budget will be met is essential that the reform does not become a difficult process. That is why we recommend the work of professionals in the field as the team of LF91 Project Management. They are specialists in all kind of reform projects and  coordinate, organize and manage all the phases of the project from beginning to end; also, they make a financial study centred on all the economic aspects of the project and we carry out a quality supervision of the final details.



Having solved the above aspects is the time to make dreams come true, typical townhouses in Mallorca have a certain air of the past that gives them a unique character. Our recommendation is to keep these as typical elements of the architecture of the island such as the exposed beams, floors and walls of stone, sandstone arches, louvered shutters or floors of hydraulic tile (among others) and combine them with modern and high quality elements and structures and thus generating a perfect exercise of balance between modernity and tradition.

Mansion Lleo Townhouse in Mallorca

Another fundamental aspect to be considered during the reform process is the importance of the environmental impact and energy consumption that households generate. The introduction of renewable energy, as well as taking advantage of existing natural resources, allows for a reduction in energy costs and consumption, the revaluation of the property, and access to grants to finance it.

In recent years it has been found that housing reform has the incentive to be an element strongly in the housing market, because reform is an excellent alternative to enjoy the best of existing and new homes in the desired location. Visit Balearic-Properties  and know our great selection of townhouse for sale in the best areas of Mallorca.

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