Best areas to buy a Majorca property in 2020, from Balearic Properties the market experts

With Mallorca being the largest among the Balearic Islands, there has been a significant rise in Property investment in the region over the past decades. This can be attributed to the fact that the region is blessed with good climate and a stunning geographic views as well as being a safe place to live thus bringing people from all over Europe in search for an easier pace of life.

If you are interested in a modest property investment, a number of them can be found in the North, and Southern part of the island while if your choice is in luxury properties, the Southwestern part of the island like Palma and the surrounding areas are definitely places to go. Therefore, considering different lifestyles choices ranging from the cosmopolitan style of living in Palma de Mallorca to secluded style living in countryside areas of Santanyi; Mallorca surely have plenty to offer to suit every personality and way of life. Palma is lively and the vibrant capital city. It is close to the airport and have a high quality lifestyle and have also many luxury properties in it. The less expensive areas are further from the sea, in the middle of the island and a stone drive to the coast.

Investment and investors in the Mallorca property market are mainly real estate buyers from UK, Germany and Sweden with almost half of the total property demand coming from foreign investors this making the island a popular one in terms of people coming to Mallorca to enjoy the stunning views, nice beaches and the high quality style living.

Therefore, if excited and interested, investing in property in Mallorca is a start towards a journey to living life to the fullest but then comes the question; where on the island should one go when trying to buy a property in Mallorca? Below are the ten top best places to buy a property in Mallorca as the island offer something for any kind of personality and
lifestyle as there is something to suit all walks of life

  1. Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Majorca - Cathedral

This is the capital city and is among the ranks of top places in Spain for high quality living. According to the Sunday Times, the city was declared the best place to live in the world considering its prime coastal location, view of the sea, limitless amenities, strong historical background, a stunning Cathedral and an abundance of luxurious apartments for sale. It is very close to the airport, a hot spot for foreign investors and an attractive area for people who want to get on relaxing once they come into
Spain. The city is an historic with Christian roots. It is never short of places to eat, things to do or adventure to explore. Therefore, is a vibrant city with much vibe is your thing, then, Palma de Mallorca is definitely for you. It is where you find the highest standard of living with properties ranging between €300,000 for a one bedroom apartment to €10 Million for a Villa or penthouse.

1.2 Calatrava

This area is located in the centre of the city and one of the most popular residential areas in Palma de Mallorca with its small romantic alleys. With no modern houses, the areas is made up of mostly old town palaces and historic mansions. Living in that part of the city means living in the midst of historical buildings, exclusive restaurants and cozy Cafés with most of the island long established families still living in it. The area is therefore an exclusive residential area having a lot to offer. Prices of
properties range from €35,000 to €4.5 Million depending on the type of building.

1.3 Sant Jaume

This area is a popular residential area and is surrounded by a densely networked buildings with a wide range of leisure offers. The area houses the famous plaza major located in the heart of the capital city. Amidst Narrow Street, there are also exclusive stores and cozy restaurants. The area also have the large and popular weekly market where products are sold. Some of the houses in this area have sea views with the beautiful Sandy Beach of Palma in play. The beaches are well kept with excellent water quality. Property price here range between €49,000 up to €6 Million depending on the type of house and where it is located.

1.4 Paseo Maritimo

In this area, you will find apartments rather than houses. Luxury penthouses with rooftop terrace and private pools are also available. Therefore, the nearer you are to the seafront, the more costly the property becomes. The walkways and parks, restaurants and cafés which opens all year round make the area suitable for children, families and tourists. Property
price range from €750,000 to €1.75 Million depending on the type of house and how close it is to the seafront.

1.5  Santa Catalina

This area is best known for its photogenic traditional old buildings with painted facades, wooden shutters and small front balconies with many being decorated with plants and flowers. The best part of this area is its indoor market supplying products to residents, yachts, restaurants, cafés and bars. This makes the area a popular culinary meeting place. Property price here range from €650,000 to €2.6 Million depending on the type of house.

2. Puerto Andratx

This area located on the southwest coast is another town full of vibrancy and are popular for their sailing culture with a wonderful market for fresh fish. Residents enjoy a combination of shopping, fine restaurants, architecture and booming nightlife. Life in this area is slow unlike Palma de Mallorca and therefore will suit people seeking a slower pace of life while still enjoying the option to step it up when one desires. If sailing is your thing, the area is a better place to be. Properties in this area tends towards the luxurious and ranges between €4-7 Million for a Villa with the average price for a modern apartment ranging from €500,000 to €1 Million. Elevated houses in the center of the town range from €350,000-€700,000 while houses on the outskirts can go for between €500,000 -€15 Million.

3. Port de Pollensa

This area is located North of the island and experiences a colder winter than other areas on the island. The area is secluded and remote with a local market for foodies to get fresh produce. There is a number of Sandy beaches, hiking routes and the Pollensa  golf course to keep your day relaxing. Property prices in the area range from €240,000 – €6Million for a ultra luxury country house with views over the Bay of Pollensa.

4. Son Vida

This is a residential area located very close to Palma city and is among the most sought after areas in Mallorca. It’s famous Hotels Son Vida and Arabella Sheraton  are the most famous and both surrounded by the Golf Course Son Vida. New & well designed villas makes the area a popular destination for buyers searching for an ultra modern villa with views over the city of Palma de Majorca and of course, the Golf. Royal visitors and celebrities have already chosen Son Vida as their main residence, a 24 hour security service is included when buying a villa or apartment in this neighbourhood,   It is a great location for anyone looking for a very large and high quality detached villa. The property price ranges from €600.000-€1000,000 for apartment buildings and €3 up to €21 Million for luxury villas with city & views over the bay of Palma de Majorca.

5. Soller

This area is made up of Narrow Street lined with traditional styled residential houses with green shutters. There are presence of mountains, sea and a fertile valley. It is definitely one of the most desirable residential areas in Mallorca. The area proximity to the capital city Palma is also another feature that brings people of different origin to buy houses here. Property price ranges from €245,000-€1.5million depending on the type of house.

6. Alcudia Beach

This area consist of a beautiful blue flag, white sand beach stretching from Port d’Alcudia along a coastline full with hotels and resorts. The resorts are popular with holidaymakers coming to Mallorca with their major aim being to have a view and feeling of the beach. Property price in this area range from €350,000-€4.8 Million depending on the type of house.

7. Deiá

This area is an idyllic village made up of honey-colored, green-shuttered houses that have become home to many millionaires seeking shelter up the Teix Mountain. The area have luxury and boutique hotels, hiking is famous here and also art designs. Property price in this area range from €850,000 up to €1.7 Million depending on the number of rooms contained in the whole building.

8. Santanyi 

Buying a property in Santanyí is perfect for those seeking the “real Majorcan Lifestyle” with its traditional townhouses for sale in the centre of the old town in need of refurbishment and refurbished ones with private patios & pools. In Santanyi you can find a good range of townhouses, just finished modern with stone cladded country homes and building plots with building licences. Poperty prices in Santanyi range from €500.000 up to €4 Mio for a luxury country home recently completed with 5 bedrooms , guest house, large private pool, and 5 minutes to the beach of Es Llombards.



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