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Tourist rental licence in Mallorca (ETV)

Mallorca’s focus on the tourist industry makes holiday rentals an attractive business. In 2019, around 14 million foreign tourists visited the Balearic Islands. But Mallorcan properties need a tourist rental license (known as an ETV license) before they can host tourists.

Please note, this information is not a definitive guide. If you’re interested in the Mallorcan holiday rental market, it’s always best to undertake thorough research and stay up to date on the latest laws.


Mallorcan tourist rental license (ETV) explained

With warm weather, gorgeous scenery, and plenty to do, it’s easy to see why tourists flock to Mallorca. But property owners can’t simply open their doors to eager holidaymakers. First, they need to acquire an ETV license (Estancia Turísticas en Viviendas).

This holiday rental license in Mallorca isn’t optional. It’s the legal permit required for holiday lets of one month or less, (longer-term lets are subject to other requirements). Unfortunately, not all properties are eligible.

ETV Holiday Licence Mallorca 2021

When is my Mallorca property eligible?

Certain types of properties do not usually qualify for an ETV license, including those that are:

  • less than five years old
  • on protected land
  • in specific zones
  • to be rented for more than one month at a time

It’s always best to get legal advice if you’re unsure about the rules for letting your property.

According to the 2018 laws, there are three main types of ETV licence:

This type of license is also known as ETV 360-un. It allows year-round short-term tourist lets for buildings with only one home in them (also referred to as single-family homes).

Semi-detached properties and townhouses may or may not be eligible for this type of license, depending on factors such as plot type.

This type of license does not have an expiration date.

The ETV-Pluri license also allows short-term tourist lets all year. However, this license is applicable for homes in buildings with more than one dwelling. You will need to consider whether you have shared features such as a pool or garden.

The license lasts for five years and is renewable.

The ETV-60 is granted when owners live in the property. The home can be let short-term to tourists for 60 days a year.

This license expires after five years.

Finding a property that comes with an ETV rental license

For savy investors who have their minds set on holiday lets in Mallorca, there is always the option of buying a property with rental license.

Property Market Mallorca 2021

This means you spend less time on bureaucracy and more time making the most of your ideal villa, finca, townhouse, or apartment. When looking at properties, consider them from a tourist’s perspective as well as your own:

  • Are there desirable sea or mountain views?
  • Is it close to local amenities?
  • Are there transport links?

For information about the best areas to buy a rental investment property in Mallorca, see this quick guide.

It’s also a good idea to consider how you plan to manage your property. Property management is available across Mallorca, with varying levels of service. You can choose from occasional help or comprehensive packages.

Is Mallorca the right place for a holiday rental?

Tourism is thought to account for 35% of the Balearic Islands GPD, significantly more than the Spanish average of 12%. This influx of tourists means there are fantastic areas to snap up a holiday villa.

When making your decision, it’s important to calculate your return on investment, investigate local taxes, and thoroughly research your options.

As expected, summer months are the most lucrative time for anyone involved in holiday lets. But the off-season months could provide the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy your property. Peak winter temperatures are usually around 15°C, reaching up to 22°C in Spring.

As with any purchase, it’s important to get local, knowledgeable expertise when finding a property that is suitable for a holiday let license. You can find English-speaking lawyers across the island.

Mallorca properties that require a holiday rental license

Holiday licenses are required for all types of holiday properties including villas, country properties, apartments,  and other. A rental license is not required for properties for rents of more than 1-2 months. Once you apply and receive your license, you then have to comply with Decree 92/2009 which sets out the technical/physical requirements of the property. 

Property for sale in Pollensa

Above property of the Week: Villa near Pollensa 750.000 Euros 

Rustic villa retreat with holiday license for sale in Pollensa, Mallorca. More details :


How a spanish lawyer can can help you to obtain the ETV Licence

At Property Lawyers, you can find the right lawyer for you to help in order to obtain an ETV tourist rental licence for your house in MallorcaA real estate lawyer is licensed to practice law and specializes in real estate transactions. A real estate lawyer is familiar with all aspects of the ETV holiday rental licences.

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