Passivhaus: New construction technique in Mallorca

Comfort and contemporary elegance in this Passive-House in Pollensa
Price: 650.000€

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Balearic Properties promotes the new standards regarding eco-friendly passive houses

“Revolutions” also take place in Mallorca, however, in this case of a very peaceful and environmentally conscious nature! Long past are the days when a rather gung-ho attitude ruled the construction scene in Mallorca, houses, hotels etc. were built without any consideration of the gorgeous landscape and the impact on the eco-balance.

We are very proud to be the first company in Mallorca that can offer our clients the innovative house for sale in Pollensa pictured above, as the perfect standard example of a Passive-House Standard. Here the eco-conscious property hunter can buy an outstanding villa in Mallorca with generous 200m2 of living space, 4 bedrooms and pool in a natural environment at an excellent price, considering that only top-quality cutting-edge materials for insulation, waterproofing, etc. are used.

We are the first here in Mallorca to promote and implement the construction of Passive-Houses with contemporary designs

Your Passive-House  in Mallorca does not need to be constructed in a special manner; the term refers to a specific quality standard. Passivhaus in Mallorca may well be built with conventional bricks/mortar, or out of wood structure, or even a mixture of both. Our architects and project managers can handle your planning if you wish.

The definition of a Passive-House

A new concept always produces curiosity, not everyone is well-informed about or involved in the construction scene, so people also have to get an idea exactly what a Passive-House is all about. What sets this house for sale in Pollensa apart from other new houses? The Mallorca Passivhaus-Standard in Pollensa, POLMOD3, is the perfect combination of modern design and sustainable architecture, exclusivity and comfort. Each room has been carefully designed so that this house is a unique example of its category. Over and above this, the house stands out due to the selection of materials and their application as well a construction quality that protects the investor’s asset.

A Passive-House is a house that can be kept warm without, or with low active heating, in which heat loss is avoided and heat gain is optimized. In a Passive-House, a conventional heating system with radiators in every room is unnecessary. Passive sources like solar radiation and surplus heat gained from humans and technical devices are intended to cover the heat demand. Air conditioning for the summer is no longer necessary, so the purchase of expensive, unattractive installations and fuel depots is no longer an issue.

Heating costs are cut drastically and the power supply in the house for sale in Mallorca is now no longer dependent on ever-increasing energy prices. The cut back of C02, namely to 40,000 kg less than in conventional homes, is massive and a major contribution to environmental protection! By means of top-of-the-range insulation, the interior walls and floors in the Passive-House are kept evenly warm; the improved sound insulation provides maximum comfort and makes sure there is no draft. A healthy indoor climate rules throughout the house, the air is free of pollen and hardly dusty.

Everyone can contribute to environmental protection

For quite a number of years now, we, as a real estate agent in Mallorca, have been involved in the subjects of environmental, climate protection etc. and for example how here in Mallorca we can build with more energy-efficiency. Gradually we met more and more experts in their fields and so now we can recommend a team of professionals consisting among others of designers, architects and engineers who build the non-plus-ultra solutions for customers looking for a quality home in Mallorca with the lowest energy consumption, to visionaries who are convinced of this new way of living – these pros are specialized in the construction of Passive-Houses with an A-rated energy certificate. Of course, we and the construction team are active all over the island, you can have your Mallorca Passive-House for sale in Santa Ponsa or Puerto Andratx, just as you like in your favorite region on Mallorca.

We at Balearic Properties we are delighted to inform you in detail about this innovative construction technique which is also a long term cost-saver. Contemporary living which utilizes the potential of Mallorca’s climate, we are already implementing this vision!

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