The emblematic estate Son Bunyola

“Breaking news”: He is back again!!

After numerous years of absence, Sir Richard Branson returns to his beloved island, Mallorca. He once stated in an interview that he and his family have a long standing love affair with the island and, since then, locals were hoping that he would eventually cast anchor here again. The boss of the Virgin Group is one of the world’s most adored self-made men; dashingly handsome and super cool, he impersonates the ultimate and uber entrepreneur, in a league of his own along with the likes of the late Steve Jobs. The news that he has bought the famous Mallorca country estate for sale, Son Bunyola, has hit the island news rooms with a terrific impact! The actual price he paid is rumoured to be in the where abouts of 20 million Euros!

Richard Branson: the philanthropic entrepreneur with the rock-star image

Richard Branson: the philanthropic entrepreneur with the rock-star image

Once upon a time, Richard Branson was a welcome investor in country properties for sale in Mallorca, his preferred region was (and obviously still is) in the Tramuntana: Valldemossa and Sóller locations are his favourites, he felt at home there. Unfortunately, in those days during the mid ‘90s, local politics and stubborn councillors somehow did not appreciate the positive impact his investments meant for the region and the island! They sadly did not have the capacity to realise that Mallorca needs generous and visionary personalities like him who generate income, create jobs and attract other wealthy investors looking for a property for sale in Mallorca. After some years of costly legal confrontations, he was flatly refused permission for his beloved hotel project in Son Bunyola and he furiously packed up, sold all his properties in Mallorca and turned his back on the island, vowing never to return again.

Mallorca’s magical and irresistible attraction even manages to lure a mega-cosmopolitan like Richard Branson back to its shores!

Son Bunyola today …

… is definitely one of the most emblematic country estates for sale in Mallorca – oops, sorry no longer for sale any longer!! The Tramuntana Mountain range is home to many superb country properties for sale in Sóller, Valldemossa, the stunningly pretty villages like Deía and Fornalutx have attracted numerous famous, creative people: artists, poets, rock- and film stars alike. Picturesque town houses for sale in Deía, Biniaraix or Fornalutx are in high demand in spite of heavy price tags!

The return of Richard Branson to the region will certainly have a major knock-on effect to the real estate market: if “a” Richard Branson invests approx. 20 million Euros in a Mallorca country property for sale, then this is like the royal seal of approval for every investment happy businessman world-wide. True to a visionary, Richard Branson had superb plans for the Son Bunyola estate in those days. Nowadays the estate offers 2 individual luxury villas, each with own private grounds surrounded by forests and farmland, securing complete privacy for guests. The focal property of this estate is the historic mansion dating back to the 1800s which is not used these days but it forms a dramatic highlight of the mountain complex. Son Bunyola used to be a very important Mallorca finca for sale, it was famous for the production of wine and olive oil, both ceased to be economic as machines substituted local labourers. The estate has about 4,000 acres (16 million sqms!) of land set in mountain terrain with stunning valleys and forests, agricultural land and even 5 kms coastline! The modernised villas are available for holiday rental and the fortunate guests have a massive areal to wander about on; with paths weaving their way through groves down to the small pebble beach.

Here is the perfect location to make the most out of a relaxing vacation amidst overwhelmingly beautiful scenery.

The location of Son Bunyola

The location of Son Bunyola

Mallorca is extremely proud that UNESCO declared this region to be a World Heritage Site under the Cultural Landscape category. Here, a near perfect symbiosis of human efforts and nature has been created; culture, traditions and nature merge in perfection. Fincas and houses for sale in Mallorca’s Tramuntana region offer a lifestyle in complete harmony with nature; here the historic and authentic Mallorca welcomes those who appreciate the fact that the island has a lot more to offer than sandy beaches and lively resorts!

Follow the example of Sir Richard Branson, come and see for yourself what exactly makes this region so exceptional! We will be delighted to introduce you to appealing fincas, country houses and village properties for sale in the whole area.

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