500m2 of pure luxury: stunning duplex-apartment for sale in Palma

Price: 3.200.000€
Ref.: SWOPAL1139
4 Bedrooms; 6 Bathrooms
2 Terraces 50m2 each

Living the stylish city life

The luxury property scene in Mallorca is booming

Forget any general moaning and groaning about “tough financial times”, for example sales of luxury apartments and penthouses for sale in Palma have gone completely through the roof – to coin an appropriate phrase! Never before has the demand continued on such a high, Mallorca’s capital has been receiving rave reviews throughout the year and investors from all over the globe have been reacting by purchasing the most expensive properties in prime city locations. The definition of the word “apartment” is taking on new dimensions in Palma; again this city is setting trends and taking the lead with regards to modern lifestyle expectations.

villa for sale in Son Vida

Splendid villa for sale in Son Vida, Palma

Price: 8.600.000€
Ref.: SWOSOV4828
5 Bedrooms; 5 Bathrooms
Size 1.000m2

Sea view villa

All nationalities are flocking to the island

The sales of apartments, penthouses and villas in Mallorca at the top end of the market have increased so far this year by 27% compared to the same time in 2014. The prices of ultra-luxurious villas like the striking property for sale in Son Vida pictured above are not exactly producing any batting of eyelids amongst the property hunters. Son Vida is attracting a lot of interest as usual; the area has always been in the top 3 as far as hottest property investment locations are concerned. The proximity to Palma, the elevated position that offers overwhelming views over Palma Bay, the fantastic golf courses and, last but most certainly not least, the 5*+ hotels with their superb gastronomy facilities contribute to Son Vida’s fame.

More and more people are appreciating the superb lifestyle Mallorca offers and here they can maintain the high standards of living they are accustomed to!

Whilst Mallorca’s property scene is attracting a steady influx of purchasers from all corners of the world, the British, German and Scandinavians are leading the list by far. Their demand for top quality Mallorca properties for sale in prime locations is increasing and Mallorca easily satisfies their most discerning whims and wishes!

villa for sale in Puerto Andratx

Luxury seafront lifestyle: magnificent villa for sale in Puerto Andratx

Price: 12.000.000€
Ref.:   SWOPTA4260
5 Bedrooms; 5 Bathrooms
Size: 675m2

Seafront luxury see more

The Southwest is topping the hotspot list

Honestly, who could ignore the temptation of taking dip in such a pool! The sensation of swimming out into the open sea is irresistible. This outstanding villa is situated in one of the most spectacular locations in Mallorca and even has its own private access to the sea for those who feel the urge join the dolphins at play!

Villas for sale in Puerto Andratx, Puerto Portals and Bendinat are selling more or less at asking prices – so high is the demand for pure luxury in the island’s hottest regions. According to real estate sources, the forecast is that an increase of 10% for luxury Mallorca properties for sale is to be expected. Surprisingly, some unassuming areas are quietly making their way into the list of top property locations – Mal Pas and Alcanada which belong to the municipality of Alcudia. Both are seafront areas with a lot of charm, Alcanada being home to one of Europe’s best golf courses.

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