Villa for sale in Pollensa with the “Wow Factor”

Price: 690.000€
Ref: POL4641SUB
– Villa 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
– Size 251 m²

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Pollensa and Puerto Andratx are emerging as the island’s most sought after property locations – and are running neck to neck in this race!

Mallorca properties for sale have reached the status of becoming the investment favourites of the Med. Long gone are the days when Mallorca was thought to be a “city in mainland Spain” by people farther afield than Europe. Nor is Mallorca associated solely with “package tourism” in our hemisphere any longer. Locations such as the artistic and historic town Pollensa with its lush country-side and charming laid-back port Puerto Pollensa or glamorous Puerto Andratx and Camp de Mar, the areas with the Jet Set feeling are currently enjoying a record high as far as popularity and property investment willingness are concerned.

Villas and apartments for sale in Pollensa and Puerto Andratx are being snapped up like hotcakes this year! These two top locations are not only quite a number of kilometers apart, each at “the other end of the island”, but the lifestyles are also completely different yet further proof of the fact that Mallorca as a whole offers it all and easily accommodates all individual visions and expectations. Pollensa properties for sale still have a definite understated flair in spite of contemporary design and sophisticated luxury as shown in the gorgeous villa pictured above. On the other hand, properties for sale in Puerto Andratx flash opulence without any modesty – certainly no understatement in Puerto Andratx. In Puerto Andratx you show what you have got and in Pollensa people tend to modestly hide it.

Mallorca caters for everyone: these 2 top locations are miles apart when it comes to the lifestyle of property owners!

Eco-friendly, luxury beach apartments for sale in Camp de Mar, Puerto Andratx

Eco-friendly, luxury beach apartments for sale in Camp de Mar, Puerto Andratx

Price: from 500.000€
Ref: SWOCDM11318
– Apartments and penthouses 2-3 Bedrooms, 2-3 Bathrooms
– Sizes from 96 m²

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Environmentally Puerto Andratx is catching up

The new, luxury complex currently coming to life on the seafront in trendy Camp de Mar is one of the most innovative and considerate developments in Mallorca. The penthouses and apartment for sale here in Camp de Mar not only satisfy even the most spoilt clients’ whims and wishes but they are also witness to the fact that in Mallorca, many architects and developers are paying meticulous attention to nature. Here, even the most hardcore environmentalists will not be able to find a misconception in this fantastic and revolutionary new luxury complex.

In Pollensa, you will find really impressive country estates and villas for sale tucked away in the most peaceful surroundings you could wish for. These exceptional properties offer total privacy and many celebrities appreciate the fact that here they can live a laid-back lifestyle and not fear any intrusion into their day to day lives whilst on holiday in their country house or stately town house for sale in Pollensa. Many of these villas and fincas also have that wow factor but more at a second glance in comparison to the less discreet luxury in Puerto Andratx.

Country estate for sale in Pollensa – tucked away in a private location

Country estate for sale in Pollensa – tucked away in a private location

This exceptional colonial style country villa for sale in Pollensa lies hidden in a valley of irresistible beauty and tranquility.

Price: 3.500.000€

– Country house 6 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms
– Size 900 m²

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The appeal of natural in Pollensa – obvious glamour in Puerto Andratx

Both locations offer luxurious Mallorca properties for sale with breath-taking sea views but you might find that Puerto Andratx has the edge over Pollensa here due to its proximity to the sea and the hilly landscape. In Pollensa’s immediate surroundings the sea views are awesome but distant, in Puerto Andratx you have the feeling you are within one big leap of the Med. Villas and apartments for sale in Puerto Pollensa have the sea views but the coastline is not as dramatic as in Puerto Pollensa. In Puerto Pollensa you look over the peaceful bay, whereas standing on the terrace of a villa for sale in Puerto Andratx you look down straight into the sea and over the horizon. The choice is yours, the properties for sale are equally outstanding in either location – just decide which kind of lifestyle is for you.

Glamorous, sea view villa for sale in Puerto Andratx

Glamorous, sea view villa for sale in Puerto Andratx

Price: 6.800.000€
Ref: SWOPTA4162

– Villa 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms
– Size 580 m²

A fabulous villa for sale with a mighty price tag!!

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Pollensa or Puerto Andratx … it is not an easy choice as the properties for sale are too good to be true! It’s a matter of lifestyle!

The villa for sale in Pollensa pictured below has extensive views over the surrounding countryside and the three major bays in the north! From the spacious terrace you can see Pollensa town sparkling delightfully at night time! The appealing town is within easy reach and there you enjoy an international albeit more locally orientated way of living.

Once you begin to hunt for a Mallorca property for sale in Pollensa or Puerto Andratx, you will quickly understand why these areas are the top 2 on the island. Each location has its own special attraction and allure, residents and property owners in either location would not dream of moving to any where else on the island – once you are in love you are hooked! Needless to say both areas have an amazing selection of top class restaurants and trendy cafés waiting to spoil their visitors.

Villas for sale in Pollensa also offer sensational sea views

Villas for sale in Pollensa also offer sensational sea views

Price: 1.750.000€
Ref: POL4728

– Villa 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
– Size 300 m²

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No matter if you opt for a villa or penthouse in Puerto Andratx or in the Pollensa area, our experts will be able to offer you the best selection to take your pick from in either location. Contact us now and view the hottest properties for sale.

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