“Hot” also meaning the temperatures!

The island and international newspapers are full of it: whilst northern countries (and some areas on the Spanish mainland) have been shivering for quite some time, temperatures here on the island have been record high considering we are nearing the end of November. Mallorca and its sister islands continue to show the world just why they are the weather capital of Spain even during the supposedly chillier autumn months. Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa registered a maximum of 29 degrees Centigrade over the past weekend and many happy owners of fincas and villas for sale in Pollensa are delighted that they bought a Mallorca property and can enjoy the sunny lifestyle to the full!

Owner of apartments for sale in Puerto Pollensa have been basking in the sun on their terraces enjoying the view over the bay and watching the luxury yachts leave or return to port. Newspaper reports have inspired investors to slip over to Mallorca in search of good deals as now is the perfect time to buy a property on the island. Investors and private property hunters realise that money is wisely spent here and that Mallorca’s popularity and with that the investment value is going from strength to strength. Gorgeous fincas in Pollensa’s stunning countryside are high in demand and prices are currently extremely sensible. See finca for sale in Pollensa

Mallorca offers a wonderful lifestyle throughout the year; locals, foreign residents and property owners have retrieved “their” island again and are now enjoying facilities that are not crowded!


Classic apartment for sale in Palma’s Old Town

Who can resist this classic apartment for sale in Palma’s Old Town

 “Hot” Mallorca: the Sunday Times even dedicated a full page to Palma

Local business people and the Palma City Council are absolutely leaping over the moon about this fantastic publication by one of the best international newspapers in the world. The reporter described Palma as a “sexy, historic seaside town”, a description which does Palma serious justice and which owners of apartments and town houses for sale have actually always appreciated. Of course, the report also mentioned best restaurants and here Marc Fosh, the island famous kitchen wizard who has recently been awarded a Michelin star was rightly recommended  along with the trendy “Ginbo” cocktail bar – keep these locations in mind when you are in town!

The future owner of the outstanding apartment for sale pictured above, in best location of Palma’s historic old town, will not only reside like a prince in this stately and classic property but be in the middle of the Med.’s favourite capital and its exciting social scene! The superb article in the Sunday Times also pointed out what to see in terms of the excellent cultural events on offer all over the city. Readers coming over for a long-weekend getaway armed with the newspaper will be well informed and a sensational report like this will seriously boost the island’s image which in turn will attract the attention of property buyers, perhaps still undecided regarding the Med. location they wish to invest in.

No matter which season of the year, Mallorca properties always are high on the list of serious buyers – now the tourist season is over you can view at leisure in all locations!


Superb villa for sale in Porto Cristo

Palm Spring design on Mallorca – superb villa for sale in Porto Cristo

 Mallorca’s “hot” star has done it again

Mallorca’s tennis legend, the adored Rafa Nadal has worked his magic yet again but this time off a court. He announced the opening of his tennis academy for the summer 2016 in his native Manacor which will definitely put this region of Mallorca firmly on investors’ maps! Villas for sale like the unique contemporary sea-view property in Porto Cristo above will be highly sought after by people who are attracted to or involved in this emblematic project. Needless to say, an innovative complex like this is going to promote the island across the globe and attract even more international globetrotters and property buyers to the island’s shores. Apart from the actual tennis academy, Rafa is going to base his Rafa Nadal Foundation there together with a museum which will be displaying donations from sportspeople around the world – and, of course, he will be omnipresent especially after he retires from the international tennis circuit.

Mallorca is definitely “hot” and proves yet again that the island is not all about beaches and sunshine. Owners of Mallorca properties for sale are well aware that the values of their investments are going to rise. They know for sure that the island will always be a favourite destination for holiday makers and future home purchasers; you simply cannot go wrong once you decide to buy your personal island retreat. Now is the time to get serious and turn your attention to the property scene before some-one snaps up your dream villa or apartment for sale!

So you are seriously contemplating the purchase of a Mallorca property in your favourite region – then you should really contact us now! We have a brilliant selection all over the island. Talk to us about your personal requirements and budget, we are your trust-worthy Mallorca experts and are sure to find your perfect property match. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

The big weekend: Palma de Mallorca
Classic old town apartment in the heart of Palma de Mallorca
The ultimate modern art palm spring design in Port de Cristo


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