La Fortaleza, Spains most expensive property acquired by a A British Banker  for 40 million euros

One of the most spectacular and exclusive properties in the Mediterranean, La Fortaleza, in the Port of Pollensa has been sold by its British owner to an English banker.

The fort was built in 1628 to defend the Pollensa peninsula from the Saracens and has a glorious and colourful history.
Its previous owner, John Ogden, spent a small fortune on renovating the 232 acre estate which he placed on the market back in 2008 with local estate agents slapping a massive 100 to 120 million euro price tag on the property.

However, a Pollensa estate agent told the Bulletin yesterday that the new English owner is thought to have paid between 30 and 35 million pounds.
Nevertheless, the sale of La Fortaleza is probably one of the biggest property deals to have been closed in the Balearics in recent years.
La Fortaleza boasts 15’360sqft of terraces and 11’840sqft of gardens dotted with palm trees, olive trees and umbrella pines.

As well as the hexagonal tower, which is the focal point, there are seven villas in the grounds, a studio and two swimming pools.
The fort itself has three storeys, with marble flooring and a fantastic top-floor reception room with panoramic views.
The fort has also played an important part in local history.
The Argentine painter Roberto Raumagé purchased the fortress in 1919 and renovated the existing buildings – which were then ruins – before adding a dramatic arcade, an intricate network of terraced gardens and a huge ornamental pond.

Raumagé was famous on the island for throwing wild, extended parties.
The fort was confiscated by the Spanish Government during the Spanish Civil War and the Raumagé family had to re-purchase it in 1985; four years later it was sold to John Ogden who has now moved on, making way for its new English owner.




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