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Advice on moving house in Mallorca

Moving to Mallorca doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, especially if you rely on local real estate experts to arrange everything for you.

If you have chosen the island of Mallorca as your new home, you have made the right choice. Mallorca has so much to offer, and it’s the perfect place to live. Mallorca is strategically located in the Mediterranean, with over 300 days of sunshine, some of the best beaches in the world and a great selection of real estate for sale. Now that you have made the decision, it is time to start planning the move. Here’s some tips on moving house in Mallorca and relocating to the island.

Moving to Mallorca and finding a new home is a big step

Have you found the perfect property in Mallorca? Balearic Properties has thousands of properties for sale, and we can help you find your dream home, according to your budget and desired lifestyle. Our real estate experts can help you with all your relocation services, helping you find a local lawyer in Mallorca, arranging furniture transport and organising all your property management needs before your arrival to Mallorca.

finding a new home

Balearic Properties can help you move and relocate to Mallorca

Changing home and moving to Mallorca from another country can be frightening. You are starting a new life in a new country, with countless cultural and language barriers making the experience stressful and worrying. Don’t worry, each year thousands of foreign buyers rely on our support when moving and buying a property in Mallorca. Whatever concerns or questions you may have, rest assured knowing that our professional team will be by your side.

Contracts and legal procedures when moving to the island

When moving house in Mallorca, it’s important to make sure all your contracts and paperwork are in order. Balearic Properties can help you find the right lawyer to handle your purchase process. We deal with thousands of international clients and have over 20 years of experience in smoothing relocations to the island.

Local guidance on life as an expat in Mallorca

You will want to plan ahead and organise your move to Mallorca. Choose the right moment for you and your family, create an itinerary, and speak to your local real estate before arriving to Mallorca. Our dedicated team will handle your every need, assisting you before, during and after your move to Mallorca. Whether you’re looking for schools, stores, banks or cleaning services, we will find what you need and provide you with all the information.

Assistance in applying for NIE documents when moving home

Foreigners moving to Mallorca will need a NIE document. This foreign identity number document will allow you to open a bank account, sign contracts with service providers, and most importantly it is needed to buy property in Mallorca. If you don’t yet have a NIE document, we can advise you on how to proceed before moving to Mallorca.

Furniture transport and interior design services

Make sure you hire professional movers when moving house in Mallorca. If you are transporting furniture, art or antiques overseas, it is essential to choose a moving company with good references. Losing or damaging personal belongings is one of the most upsetting parts of moving house. We can advise you on the best moving companies in Mallorca with great references to make sure all your belongings arrive safe and sound.

Setting up utility services including electricity, gas, and internet before moving into your home

Not speaking any Spanish can be an issue when attempting to contract utility services such as internet, telephone and TV. Moving house can be much easier when trusting local professionals to take care of all these necessary setups. For foreign buyers it may seem like a daunting task, but for our team, it’s an everyday activity with which we have a lot of experience.

Consider renting a holiday rental home until your new house is ready

There’s no need to wait for your new home to be ready to move to Mallorca. Enjoy everything Mallorca has to offer right now by renting a holiday villa or apartment in Mallorca on a weekly basis. If you’re moving to Mallorca with your family, it might be a great idea to spend the summer in Mallorca before school starts in September. Enjoy one of our unique holiday homes until your villa in Mallorca is fully prepared for your arrival.

Just breathe, we will help you settle down in Mallorca

Patience is key. If the decision has been made, and you have found your dream property in Mallorca, all you have to do is plan the right time for your move and leave everything else to us. Balearic Properties goes above and beyond to help our clients move to Mallorca and start a new life in paradise. Moving house doesn’t have to be sad or stressful, look at it as an exciting new chapter, which you will never forget. We are excited to welcome you home!

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