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What makes properties in Pollensa so popular with buyers?

Property in Pollensa is highly sought after, and with good reason. From its beautiful scenery to its innovative houses and apartments, Pollensa has something for everyone.

5 benefits of buying a property in Pollensa or Puerto Pollensa

1. Soak up the culture in Pollensa town

The town of Pollensa sits slightly inland, but it’s only 15 minutes by car from Puerto Pollensa’s stunning beaches. Surrounded by greenery, the area is home to incredible mountains views.

The name Pollensa (or Pollença) is thought to date back to Roman times. A settlement with the name Pollentia was established on the land which is now next to the town of Alcudia. Today, modern Pollensa is home to gorgeous 18th and 19th century sandy stone houses.

Lucky owners of property in Pollensa can also explore one of the most picturesque old-towns in Mallorca to their hearts content. Savvy residents will notice beautiful history and art sprinkled among its cobbled streets, dating as far back as medieval times

There’s no shortage of things to do, either. One of the most famous landmarks in Pollensa is the charming Calvari steps, leading to the little church of El Calvari. There are 365 tree-lined steps to be exact, one for each day of the year. The tiny church which sits at the top is surrounded by panoramic mountain views, stretching all the way to the sea.

More adventurous residents can spend the day walking up Puig de Pollensa, the mountain next to Pollensa town. At the top is an ancient monastery with more magnificent views. For those looking to relax, there’s a wonderful selection of bars and restaurants in the main town too.

Looking for more information on Pollensa town? Check out our area guide!

2. Be part of an eco-friendly Mallorca

Pollensa is soon to be home to some of the most energy-efficient villas in Mallorca. The luxury villa pictured below will be built near Pollensa town on an 890m² plot. It will have open plan living areas downstairs, as well as four bedrooms and four bathrooms featuring magnificent, modern designs. And, importantly, architects have designed this property in Pollensa based on the Passive House efficiency concept.

Passive House (also called Passivhaus) is an architectural design movement that’s sweeping across Europe. Passive houses are certified, energy-efficient properties that reduce energy consumption by up to 90%.

Villa Eco-Friendly in Mallorca

In order to be so energy efficient, passive houses are as airtight as possible, with the exception of opening windows and doors. Airflow is controlled by a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) which also filters the air. Passive house properties are also carefully oriented to bring in the correct amount of sunlight, providing natural warmth.

To find out more about Passive House and other incredible designs, have a look at our property news pages.

3. Uncover the Agatha Christie story at Pollensa Bay

For a short time in the 1930s, Agatha Christie stayed in the beautiful Puerto Pollensa. It’s there that she wrote her novel, Problems at Pollensa Bay. It’s no wonder Agatha Christie felt so inspired by her surroundings.

Puerto Pollensa was once a little fishing village by the sea. It may have grown into a lively harbour, but the area retains its small-town charm. Locals and tourists alike have the choice of two lovely sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. There’s also the famous Pine Walk Promenade, which stretches along the tranquil waterfront, perfect for summer evening strolls.

If you’re hunting for a property in Puerto Pollensa, you’ll have the choice of magnificent villas and renovated apartments. Browse our entire collection of properties in Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa here.

4. Explore exquisite countryside

Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa sit on the edge of the breath-taking Cap de Formentor. This Peninsula is covered with pine trees, winding roads, and incredible sheer cliffs that drop into the deep-blue Mediterranean. The area offers a unique level of privacy in Mallorca, perfect for visitors wanting to explore or buyers looking for a secluded hidden gem.

Or, if you prefer a large country house, traditional fincas can be found in the areas surrounding the nearby La font and El Vila. Country houses usually come with expansive gardens, open-plan living areas, and pools.

5. Rely on expert knowledge of the area

At Balearic Properties, we’re lucky enough to have an office right in the heart of Pollensa town. Our team have local, insider knowledge of the area and the best properties on offer. We can help you source your dream property in Pollensa, whether you’re looking for a villa, finca, apartment, penthouse, or townhouse.

Our expert team has over 20 years’ experience. We work together with our buyers and sellers to guide them through the process. As Savills’ exclusive associates on the island of Mallorca, we have an incredible portfolio. If you know what you’re looking for or you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

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