A good time for Buying Property in Mallorca

Since the Spanish financial crisis started in 2008 and which has already lasted five years, it is a fact that the real estate market in Mallorca has become more stable in the last two years. There has been a growing demand at the luxury end of the market, though this cannot be said of the […]

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The real estate market in the Balearic Islands

For those of you who are still uncertain where the Balearic Islands are, we will provide you with a short introduction : Our marvellous islands are situated in Spain around the western side of the Mediterranean Sea near the Iberian Peninsula’s eastern coast. These islands are considered Spain’s archipelago. The largest of the Balearic Islands […]

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Port d’Andratx, luxury and lifestyle properties in Mallorca

Quiet, authentic and classy. The Port d’Andratx used to be a small fishing village in the Mediterranean and today, it’s one of the most exclusive residential areas in Mallorca: a unique place where luxury and lifestyle go hand in hand.   Located southwest Mallorca, in one of the most beautiful shorelines of the island, the […]

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Save money: buy luxurious reduced-price properties in Mallorca

Luxury villas supply in the Balearics is so large and diverse that it is quite difficult finding housing opportunities in Mallorca, unique properties by the Mediterranean sea and with all the guarantees being a housing top quality and design destination. Discovering these opportunities in the island’s real estate market takes time before you can check […]

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Luxurious properties in Spain, a safe investment in rough times

Luxurious houses in the Balearic Islands have become a true haven for investors in these hard times. While the estate market is not growing at an unusual rate -even offering some low prices especially in the Spanish islands and capitals, and the touristic Costa del Sol. High standing houses and villas in sought areas like […]

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