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Should I Make a Spanish Will?achen?

You own a property on the lovely island of Mallorca, but you may or may not be resident in Majorca. However, whatever your residential status, it is most certainly a good idea to make a Spanish Will.

Even if you have made a Will in the UK, and are resident in the UK, you will be able to avoid placing huge practical problems on your beneficiaries by also making a Will in Spain.

So why should I also make a Spanish Will?

Do you really want to add to the stress of your loved ones if you die? The best thing you can do is to make a Spanish Will to complement your UK Will. This will undoubtably save your beneficiaries time, worry and of course, money when it comes to benefiting from your Spanish estate.

The advantages of making a Spanish Will

It is important to note here that you can only make a Spanish Will solely in Spain. You can’t make one in a Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

What about my UK Will?

First of all, a Spanish Will only deals with your assets located in Spain. It won’t affect your UK Will unless it has provisions in it for your Spanish assets.

Inheritance Tax

Making a Spanish Will could help your beneficiaries mitigate their inheritance tax bill. Under Spanish law, inheritance tax must be paid within six months of death or financial penalties will arise. However, Spanish Wills are executed almost immediately, so they can avoid

penalties while waiting for a UK Will to be processed.

Saves time, saves worry, saves money

Once you’ve made a Spanish Will, it will save your beneficiaries having to do a number of things.

They will not have to get all the relevant documents translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. They will not have to notarise them and affix a Apostille Seal. They will not have to obtain a Grant of Probate and have it translated into Spanish.

All this means big savings on time, money and hassle.

Safe storage of your Will

When you make a Spanish Will you will be given a copia simple (simple copy). The original Will is safely stored free of charge by the Spanish Notary and details sent to the central registry in Madrid.

Your beneficiaries can always request an authorised copy from the Notary.

If you die outside Spain, an original death certificate will need to be presented translated into Spanish with the Apostille seal affixed, in addition to the certificate of the last Will.

If you die in Spain, a death certificate can be obtained from the civil registry in the local municipality where the death took place.

Tip: It’s a good idea to get an English translation when you make your Spanish Will, so you know exactly what you are putting your signature to.

What documents do the beneficiaries need to present?

To wind up the estate in Spain, your beneficiaries will need to present the following:

  • Original Death Certificate
  • Certificate of Last Will
  • Notarised Copy of Last Will

Once this has been done they will be able to obtain an Escritura de Aceptación de Herencia (Deed of Declaration of Acceptance of Inheritance) before a Spanish Notary.

After Inheritance Tax details are lodged and the amount has been paid, the property is then lodged in the name of the beneficiaries at the land registry where the property is situated. The beneficiaries are then in a position to sell the property if they so wish.

If you are looking for a property in Malorca, Balearic Properties, one of Majorca’s most experienced and respected estate agents, can advise you all the way in order to make your purchase of Mallorca property trouble free.

To view our latest Mallorcan properties go to: balearic-properties.com

Or why not pop in to one of our offices for a friendly chat? You are most welcome!

A true maritime spectacular is due to take place at Port Adriano, Mallorca between 6–19th June 2014.

The ‘Best of Yachting’ event will showcase more than 25 beautiful vessels ranging between 6 and 40 metres in length, as well as a range of activities.

Best for Port Adriano Properties Mallorca

Majorca’s fabulous maritime tradition

We at Balearic Properties love our boat shows and are genuinely proud of our Mallorcan maritime tradition. So as you can imagine, we are delighted to hear about this exciting new edition to Majorca’s boating event calendar.

The Best of Yachting will take place for the first time at the exquisite Port Adriano Marina in southwest Mallorca, in collaboration with Nauti Parts Sales and Service, Blevins Franks International Tax and Wealth Management and Bentley Luxury Cars.

It’s a brand new concept too, gathering together in one place a stunning exhibition of boats represented by the boat companies and shipyards based at Port Adriano Marina.

Best for Port Adriano Properties Mallorca

Everybody welcome!

Everyone is most welcome to come along and see these gorgeous vessels in the show area at the commercial quayside and alongside the new extension to Port Adriano.

The Best of Yachting event is not just about looking at boats – lovely though they are. Friday 6th, Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th and Monday 9th June promise a great range of social activities, shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants, turning the port into THE place to be.

The Best of Yachting weekend promises to be an awesome event for both seasoned ‘yachties’ and day-trippers alike.

So let’s take a look at what’s in store for participants, visitors, families and guests over this really special weekend at Port Adriano. See you there!


Best of Yachting – List of Events

Best for Port Adriano Properties Mallorca

Friday 6th June

10.30 – 14.00 Ultima Hora Live Radio Show
14.00 Grand Opening of Best of Yachting
14.00 – 20.00 Test & Drive by Bentley
17.00 – 18.00 Exhibition of Jet Lev products (Aquaboard, Aquaflyer etc.)
20.00 – 21.30 Best of Yachting Boat Parade
20.00 – 21.30 Best of Yachting VIP Cocktail Party (Invitation only)
21.00 – 21.30 ‘Fun of the Parade’ Performance Show

Saturday 7th June

14.00 – 22.00 Best of Yachting Exhibition
14.00 – 20.00 Test & Drive by Bentley
17.00 – 18.00 Exhibition of Jet Lev products (Aquaboard, Aquaflyer etc.)
18.00 – 20.00 Art Exhibition of artist Rolf Knie
18.00 – 20.00 Children’s Opening Party with games and face painting
19.00 Grand Summer Opening Party

Sunday 8th June

14.00 – 22.00 Best of Yachting Exhibition
14.00 – 20.00 Test & Drive by Bentley
16.00 – 20.00 Exhibition of model radio-controlled, boats, helicopters/drones
20.30 – 22.00 Fashion Show – the Best of Port Adriano
22.00 – 00.00 Afterparty + DJ in bar Lounge El Tandem

Monday 9th June

14.00 – 22.00 Best of Yachting Exhibition
14.00 – 20.00 Test & Drive by Bentley
17.00 – 20.00 Fashion & Wine Event Harbour Grill Restaurant
22.00 – 00.00 Closing Party at Crew Bar + DJ


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Pollensa – the Region where Luxury meets Understatement


The hunt is over: you have made your choice and know exactly which property you are going to buy in Mallorca.


So now you are feeling very excited and cannot wait to become the official owner of your dream island home. At Balearic Properties, who found the property for you,you know that you are in the hands of sincere professionals who will advise you regarding what to do next, in order to make the purchase procedure as easy-going as possible for you. Best though also to make your own, personal check – list and here are some guide-lines not necessarily in order of importance:

Appoint a lawyer

  1. First things first: you need to appoint an English-speaking lawyer. There are many practising here on the island, some who also specialise in Real Estate law. http://www.illeslex.com Best choose a local lawyer, who lives near to where you are going to purchase, to avoid any unnecessary travel costs on your bills and as he / she will also represent you after the sales process with regards to tax issues etc.

Spanish Tax ID Number

  1. You need the Tax ID number, the so-called “NIE” (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros). If you live close to a Spanish Consulate in the UK, best to apply for the NIE number there, it will take about 10 – 20 days depending on how swift the consulate works! If, however, you decide to apply for the NIE whilst you are over here on the island, your appointed lawyer can also take care of this for you.

Open a Bank Account

  1. Once you have you NIE number, you will need to open a bank account, best in the town where you are going to buy. For your property purchase and then afterwards, the day to day business, a local branch will do very well. The bank account is important for standing orders, any bills that may arise and remember to always have sufficient funds floating in the account.

Buying through a Spanish Company

  1. Depending on your UK business situation, you will need to decide whether you are going to purchase your Mallorca dream villa as a private person or through a Spanish company. Needless to say, in general this decision is also based on the property price and type of property but bear in mind, buying a property in Spain through a Spanish company can save you a lot of money. The property you are purchasing may well belong to a Spanish company, so discuss the pros and cons very carefully with your lawyer, do your figures and then decide how to move forward. For more and complete information check out:


  1. Providing you need a mortgage, have one pre-scored before you even start to look for a property. Approach a mortgage advisor and check out the options, if you wait until you decide on a property and then get the ball rolling, you will find this process can take a long time and you might be unlucky and miss out on your dream property!

Money Transfer

  1. Make an early decision regarding which money transfer company to use, for example Money Corps. http://www.moneycorp.com/uk/ Secure the best transfer rates, this could save you thousands of pounds. No head-aches regarding the actual transfer of your substantial funds, either!

Spanish Will

  1. One thing you absolutely must not forget is to have a Spanish will drawn up as soon as possible after the purchase. Of course, your lawyer can assist or, alternatively, just speak to the notary where the title deeds were signed – the office has all the necessary paper-work with regards to your property, the will must be drawn up and signed by a notary anyhow. http://www.balearic-properties.com/blog/?s=lawyers

Property Management Service

  1. A local, professional management service for your property will give you piece of mind while you are back home. They will take care of simply everything for you, even pick up your mail and make sure important, perhaps tax related letters go to your lawyer to deal with. It is a great feeling to know some one is out there taking care of things – an even happier feeling when you arrive back on the island and are looking forward to a relaxed time, everything is working perfectly, the garden is looking magnificent, the pool is sparkling, you will really appreciate this service. Again, as you bought your property with the top professionals at Balearic Properties, we offer you this complete service, so speak to us!

Renting out your Property

  1. Make your mind up if you want your property to generate a neat income for you while you are not on the island. Renting your property means it will basically pay for itself: all running costs will be covered and if you have taken out a mortgage, a good rental income will cover your monthly payments saving you money as you avoid transfers from home and the costs involved. The team at our company Balearic-Villas.com®will be only too pleased to advise you so make sure you contact them even before the purchase is finalised so that you have this option in place from the minute the villa is officially yours!

Choose the best Real Estate Agent

  1. The most important factor is that you have the best Real Estate Agent by your side, Balearic Properties will make sure that you will feel comfortable and “looked after” from the moment you walk into one of the 3 island offices. Don’t forget, we will not only make sure you sail through the purchase procedure, we will also offer you the complete package: renting your dream home and our property management team will make sure it stays in pristine condition to give you maximum pleasure.

The beautiful north Mallorcan resort of Alcudia was transformed into a spectacular sporting arena for one of the world’s toughest tests of endurance on May the 10th 2014.


Ironman 70.3 Mallorca attracted triathletes from all over the world who came to compete in an exciting three-sport competition which goes towards qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 final in Quebec, Canada later this year.

Ironman 70.3 is a series of long distance triathlon races organised by the World Triathlon Corporation. The 70.3 refers to the total length of the race in miles, and the competition features both amateur and professional triathletes.

As in all events of this kind, it greatly relies on help from volunteers, and local Mallorceans enthusiastically embraced the spectacle, giving up much of their time to ensure everything went smoothly.

You have to be in pretty good shape to take part in Ironman 70.3.

Triathletes begin with a 1.9km swimming race, followed by a 90km bike race followed by a 21km marathon run. (It’s exhausting just writing about it!)

A big turnout to cheer the triathletes on

Judging by the large crowds that turned up at 8am in the morning to see the start of the race, it was a huge success, helping to boost Mallorca’s global reputation as a ‘must do’ destination. (The competition was sponsored by travel agent Thomas Cook, which should also help strengthen Majorca’s tourism-based economy.)

Fortunately it was a glorious Saturday morning in Puerto de Alcudia. The triathletes with their skin-tight swimming costumes and sky blue swimming caps looked magnificent as they plunged into the crystal-clear waters of the bay for the first leg of the competition. Powering their way over the 1.9 km loop course, the swimmers instantly became cyclists when arriving back on shore.

Crowds lined the streets of Puerto de Alcudia clapping and cheering as the triathletes mounted their bikes for the challenging 90km cycle race. It was a real test of endurance too, taking in steep hills as well as flat stretches.

Weaving through the picturesque Tramuntana mountains of north Mallorca, the route took in Puerto de Alcudia, Puerto de Pollensa, Pollensa town, Lluc, Caimari, Campanet, Muro and Sa Pobla, before ending up back in Puerto de Alcudia. They were enthusiastically welcomed at the finishing line by spectators.

Another ‘first’ for Mallorca

But it wasn’t all over just yet. The climax of Ironman 70.3 Mallorca was the 21.1 km marathon run on a circuit course alongside Puerto de Alcudia’s lovely golden beach.

What an amazing spectacle Ironman 70.3 turned out to be. It was the first time Mallorca had hosted this international event and the island did itself proud.

To celebrate, In the afternoon there was a big barbecue on the beach followed by a splendid beach party in the evening!

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The fabulous Parc de la Mar in Palma was the location for 2nd ‘Beer Palma’ festival held over 12 days in May in the Majorcan capital.

UH-2x6 mod

Beer enthusiasts of many nationalities enjoyed the opportunity to choose from around 100 of the world’s best beers, as well as a mouthwatering range of tapas and snacks from some of Palma’s finest restaurants and caterers.

What a great idea it was to hold Beer Palma in the Parc de la Mar.

Sitting in the late Spring sunshine tasting some of the finest beers from around the globe with Palma’s magnificent Gothic cathedral as a backdrop, well…life can’t get much better than that!

It was a lovely day in the Parc de la Mar when I visited. Entrance was free (good start) and visitors could purchase beer tokens worth one euro each. Each beer cost 3 euro tokens each, rather unfortunately, served in plastic glasses. (Beer, like wine, surely tastes much better in a real glass?)

A good mixture of beers on offer

The interesting thing about the 2014 Feria de la Cerveza was that there was a good mixture of beers to sample from both large international breweries as well as small artisan concerns.

Among the ‘big boys’ you could taste beers from breweries such as Heineken España S.A., Grupo Mahou-San Miguel, Carlsberg, Carling and Kronenbourg. However, I was more interested in the what the micro breweries had on offer, particularly artisan brewers from Mallorca.

Now Majorca is well-known for it’s increasingly popular wine industry. But in the last few years, several enterprising Mallorcans have decided to put the island on the map by creating some excellent designer beers.

And it was these small breweries that interested me the most.

Tasting Mallorcan beers for the first time

Under the branding ‘Cervezas Artesanales’ (Artisan Beers), there were around 30 beers to choose from, all the product of small Mallorca brewers dotted around the island.

Cervesa Des Plà (Algaida) and Talaiòtika (Felantitx) had a couple of beers each. Tramuntana (Palma) had four, including an IPA and a porter. Sullerica from Sóller brought along five. Forastera (Es Molinar) offered four beers including an exotic-sounding Mallorca Pale Ale. The enthusiastically sounding Beer Lovers from Alcúdia displayed five of their finest. And Sa Bona Birra (Ciutadella) offered four.

The first beer I tasted was a 4.8% Galilean American Amber Ale from Cas Cerveser. To my (unprofessional) palette it had a lovely rich, hoppy flavour.

My second choice was a was from the Alaró-based micro brewery of Myq Mayurqa. This was a 5% ‘whitebeer’ simply called Mayurqa and had a bright, refreshing taste.

My final choice was the 1561 India Pale Ale from the Sollerica brewery in Sóller. At 7% this was not for the fainthearted but was quite delicious all the same.

I must admit, I have never been that keen on Spanish beer as a whole, but after tasting such fine craftsman ales, I will certainly be on the lookout for Mallorca beers in the future!

It was a pretty sensational start to the beginning of the holiday season in Mallorca recently: in the same week, the island’s capital, Palma, was privileged to receive two special ‘royal’ visitors.


Palma Welcomes Two Queens

First of all the magnificent cruise liner Queen Elizabeth II sailed into the port of Palma, and then if that wasn’t enough, Queen Sofia of Spain made a surprise appearance at the record-breaking Palma International Boat Show!

A big boost for the Mallorcan economy

The visit of the QE2 has given Majorca a huge boost, as it proves that Palma has become one of the ‘must do’ Mediterranean ports for luxury cruises.

One of the most advantageous aspects of visits of cruise ships like the QE2 is that it brings in customers of a high-spending capacity to Palma, thus boosting Mallorca’s economy as a whole.

And what a spectacle the Queen Elizabeth 11 provided to the waiting spectators as she sailed into Palma. Launched by Queen Elizabeth II herself in 2010, the ship is 294 metres long, 32 metres wide and weighs almost 91 tonnes before even one of the 2,900 passengers and crew has got on board.

This, the second visit to Palma of the QE2 was a splendid sight and a huge success. Let’s hope we see her again soon.

A royal visitor to the Boat Show

The second regal presence in Mallorca was the surprise visit of Queen Sofia of Spain to the 31st Palma International Boat Show. Guest of honour at the show, her visit was the icing on the cake to the 2014 show; an event which broke all records with more exhibitors and more visitors than ever before.

Held at the Moll Vell, Palma’s old port, the show’s estimated 32,000 visitors were entranced by the magnificent array of boats on display.

This year the Palma Superyacht Show was also run alongside the main event, giving spectators the opportunity to explore what life on the ocean wave is like in luxury class.

As well as being able to go on board and look around some of these exceptional sailing vessels, there was the opportunity to take part in the show’s sailing school for excursions around the harbour.

Educational as well as fascinating, the idea was to encourage children who may one day wish to be mariners themselves.

Day trippers were also able to enjoy a wide variety of exhibition stands offering everything including yachting equipment, boat building, nautical tourism, scuba diving, fishing, fashion…and mouthwatering food.

This meant that a delicious range of tapas featuring locally-caught seafood was on offer, and many of Mallorca’s finest restaurants were represented, including Michelin-starred chef Marc Fosh.

All in all a right royal week for Majorca!


Mallorca Villa for sale in Son Vida

Spain’s financial crisis has had a devastating effect on the country’s property market, and it is expected that property prices on the mainland will continue to fall during 2014.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – for the lovely isle of Mallorca, things are well and truly looking up!

Importantly, many estate agents in Majorca have reported a healthy increase in ‘high end’ property sales last year of between 30 and 40 per cent.

International buyers hold the key to recovery

What’s more, the island’s estate agents agree that top-end property prices have now returned to within 10 per cent of pre-recession levels. And it is multimillion euro sales to international buyers that seem to be fuelling the recent upturn. (Figures complied by the Spanish National Notary Association demonstrate that property sales actually doubled to overseas buyers between 2008 and 2012.)

Playing an important role in encouraging overseas buyers to invest in property in Mallorca is the Spanish government. It recently brought in a new ‘golden visa’ law which permits non-EU buyers of property costing more than €500,000 to become Spanish residents.

And that’s not all. ‘Project Paramount’ has also been launched by the government. This is so Spain’s ‘bad bank’, Sareb, can attempt to cleanse the country of toxic property held by he country’s financial institutions. The jury is out, however, on just how effective the scheme really is.

Mallorca is still a great place to live

The truth is, Mallorca is still very much a highly desirable place to own a property. Antonio Fuster, CEO of Mallorca-based Balearic Properties (www.balearic-properties.com) outlines which areas of the island appeal the most to wealthy buyers. “There are four main areas: Deia and Soller in Mallorca’s northwest have some beautiful fincas for sale, whereas in the south west around Andratx, potential buyers are attracted by the modern architecture, stunning sea views and the golf courses. For families, it is predominantly around Puerto Pollensa and Formentor in the north that appeal, whereas Palma, with its fascinating history, chic art galleries, shops and restaurants acts like a magnet”, he says.

Antonio Fuster also offers some helpful advice for potential home owners in Mallorca: “Budgeting between €2,000 and Euro €3,000 a sq metre for construction is advisable if you are planning to renovate a property. And don’t forget to add on architect’s fees and VAT. Another thing to consider is the tradesmen. It’s a good idea to make sure they are all working independently to eliminate any possible price-fixing”, he says.

Building sites are busy

In Mallorca, the good news is that building sites are busy once more.
A good example of this is the stunning Marina Plaza II development in the Portixol area which is nearing completion. Also the chic ‘Paseo Maritimo’ with its high end luxury apartments offering stunning views over the millionaire Royal Yacht Club and the beautiful Palma Bay, attracts many overseas buyers too.

A final word from Balearic Property’s Antonio Fuster: “Mallorca is regaining its confidence, and now is a really good time to buy”, he says. “Healthcare here is excellent, the island is not overdeveloped, there is a wide range of international schools, and it is very well-served with flights from European countries. What’s not to like!

Factors to consider when the medium energy rating obtained is low

The requirement to have the energy certificate for the sale or rental of a property has brought to light that medium energy rating obtained by the houses certified so far is an “F” or a “G”, in other words a low rating.

Nevertheless, so far there are a few that have gained the top energy rating an “A”. Factors that determine are: a good insulation with equipment i.e. air conditioning units that are low energy consumers; using geothermal energy or led lighting.

Modern Villa Mallorca with A Certificate

“We are building our latest projects with the “A” energy rating. Along the general lines for a property to obtain the top energy rating the following factors need to be met” says Miquel Bauzà,  director of the company LF91 

1.- A good thermal insulation to prevent either heat or cold from entering the property

2.- Good windows that insulate well, that are airtight and do not transmit heat or cold and that allow the natural light to enter

3.- The equipment installed, like air conditioning must create a feeling of comfort in the interior whilst being low on energy consummation

4.- Most efficient boilers like those that use Biomass, which hardly admit co2 into the atmosphere. More and more communities of owners are relying on this type of boiler and its installation is partly subsidized by the autonomous communities like Madrid

5.- Use of led lighting: this type of light bulb or lighting consumes much less than a conventional light bulb

 property in Mallorca

6.- Use of geothermal: like a source of heat or of coolness in the summer which hardly consumes energy, such as under floor heating

7.- A good orientation of the property: orientation is important to avoid a very powerful electrical impact and also the distribution of the different areas of the property is determinant

8.- Use of efficient materials: there are some materials such as those mixed together, which are seldom used nowadays but which generate a dual chamber between the real brick front and the visible one that is exposed to the weather

The cost savings generated by a home with the highest energy rating

“When designing a home of this style and with these materials, it is true that it can be around 12-18% more expensive but with all the accumulated energy savings within a period of 8-10 years, the additional costs created during the construction will be recovered, ” adds the director of the project management company LF91 based in Pollensa, Mallorca

The large majority of rated properties so far have obtained a low energy rating; this means ratings “E”, “F”, or “G”. According to the director of the company LF91 this is partially because the technical code does not require such advanced materials as those used in the home visited.

“When they built in terms of maximum energy efficiency they thought about office buildings or large business parks because the amount of m2 having any energy savings represents a significant savings in money,” he adds.




Balearic Properties help people find their dream homes all the time, but whether you’re looking to move here permanently or use it as a holiday villa, ex-pats can sometimes underestimate what an important part of Mediterranean life the outside space is. You may be surprised by just how much time you will spend in the garden, so it should definitely be a major factor when searching for your ideal villa on Mallorca.

Know What Sort Of Garden You Want

Are you a keen gardener? Do you want lots of lawn and plants? Or would you prefer more terracing with lower maintenance?

Having a good understanding of what you want before you purchase your house is essential, as whilst you may not find the perfect garden, it will give you the vision needed to know whether the outside space could be turned into your dream Mediterranean escape.

Things To Consider

When you’re planning the layout of your garden there are many factors you should consider. Does your design compliment the architecture of the house? Often the house can help to dictate the best choice of materials and plants. Build areas you want to spend time in, by creating a combination of shaded areas to escape the midday sun, a place to eat, and bright open spaces; you will be able to enjoy your garden continually.

Look at the building methods used in the vicinity surrounding your villa, and compliment them wherever you can. Do the walls use mortar, or are they traditional Mallorcan construction?

Make it comfortable. In England much of the garden furniture is designed to be very robust and withstand the rigors of the varying climate. The wonderful temperatures in Mallorca mean people often use the outside space in a similar way to their living room. They can choose from a far wider array of garden furniture. Companies such as Terraza Balear provide a large range of outdoor furniture, but be sure to shop around to find exactly what you’re after.

If you have a sizeable plot to landscape, then lining the entrance with palm trees can add an element of the spectacular to your entrance. If your home is traditional and has shutters, then matching any fencing to the colour of your shutters can help it all to fit together.

Lighting is more of a consideration in a Mediterranean garden. The cool evenings make it much more likely that you’ll stay outside later. A well lit garden can provide a perfect backdrop to those lazy summer evenings with a bottle of wine.

Browse the luxury villas on our website to help find inspiration and get ideas.

Professional Landscaping

Mallorca has an abundance of companies who offer professional design and maintenance services. They will know what is and isn’t acceptable locally, and may even make some suggestions you wouldn’t normally consider.

Irrigation in Mallorca

Many of the native species are hardy and don’t require lots of water. The ongoing water required to maintain the garden at its optimal level will be a factor for landscape gardeners, and their design should take this into account, as well as the times of year you intend to use the villa, so the garden is at its prettiest exactly when you want it to be.

Mallorca is located in the heart of the Mediterranean. A combination of short flight times, fantastic weather, rich culture, and a favourable exchange rate, all mean it is a hot favourite for Brits who are looking to relocate to sunnier climes.

At Balearic Properties we often help people moving to the island to find the right property. Our team of experienced professionals knows what is required when moving to the island. To make your dream move as stress free and seamless as possible, we have compiled a short list of what must be sorted, or considered, before you can call Mallorca home.

Majorca Island Properties

NIE Number

The first thing to do is to obtain an NIE number. Without an NIE you can’t rent or buy a property, or make any sizeable purchases. Under normal circumstances you must be on the island to obtain an NIE Number, but there are currently some legal firms (such as Ripoll Mateu) who are taking advantage of a loophole in the law, and can get your NIE Number by proxy, before you arrive.

Residency Certificate

If you’re going to be spending more than 90 continuous days on Mallorca, then you will also need a residency certificate. These can be obtained from the social security office in Palma. The waits can be long, and if you’re unsure of the process involved, it can be advisable to use an agent to obtain it for you. They sort everything out, and you just need to show up to sign your name and collect your certificate.

Healthcare in Mallorca

Eligibility for Spanish state healthcare depends on your personal circumstances. If you’re working and paying tax in Spain, then you and your family are automatically entitled to access to the excellent healthcare system on the island. There are also many private healthcare policies available, which in comparison to the cover on offer in the UK, represent excellent value for money.

Heathcare mallorca


Working in Mallorca

If you wish to work once you’re here, then you will need to get a Social Security number. If you’re working directly through a payroll for an employer, then your Social Security number is all you should need. If you want to start your own business or earn your living as a self-employed person, then we would advise going to see an accountant. There are many legal structures for the self-employed and businesses to consider, each with their own advantages. Many accountants on the island are bilingual, as well as there being British accountants.


Mallorca offers a range of state and international schools. The state schools are located all over the island, whereas the international colleges tend to be predominantly around Palma and the surrounding area. The international schools on the island often have waiting lists, so be sure to plan ahead to make sure they have availability at your desired school. Most follow the English Syllabus, with all lessons being taken in English. We have selected here some of the best international schools currently in Mallorca.

Driving License

You should register your driving licence with the authorities if you are planning on staying here for a decent length of time. You will retain your current driving licence, but they may stamp it to say that it is officially recognised by the Spanish authorities.

Relocating Property Mallorca

Finding a Home

When you’re deciding which part of the island you would like to live, make sure you’re taking into account all of the factors important to your day to day lives. Balearic Properties has been matching people with their dream homes for many years. We use our local knowledge to help you to eliminate areas and properties, narrowing your search to only the homes best suited to your needs, and we would be more than happy to provide you with any assistance required.