Schuhe und Lederwaren made in Mallorca

Shoes and leather goods manufactured in Mallorca

Once you start to discover and collect information about this island, you will find out that Mallorca always knows how to surprise the “investigator”! This paradise certainly does not depend solely upon tourism as a form of income, for example did you know that there are still traditional workshops in Mallorca that make hand-crafted footwear […]

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Mallorca’s almond trees and almond products

Mallorca’s almond trees and almond products

Mallorca’s landscape is without doubt amongst the most spectacular in southern Europe. The island offers it all, crowned by a dramatic mountain range called the Tramuntana, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and to its feet field upon field is now in blossom and bloom with almond trees. For the best part of 4 […]

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Javier Blas

Interview with Javier Blas Guasp – our legal expert and senior partner in the law firm ILLESLEX ABOGADOS

Javier Blas Guasp is one of the founding members of this multidisciplinarylaw firm which looks back upon over 20 years of experience in practicing law. Javier holds the academic Dr. of Law title and, together with his partner, Guillermo Dezcallar Enseñat, has successfully assembled a team of experts, each a specialist in a different field […]

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Interview with Miquel Bauzà – the innovative boss of the LF91 construction company

LF91 is the creative and dynamic construction company Miquel heads a young team of experts who work as excellent coordinators when it comes to creating and constructing quality homes tailor-made to the visions and requirements of each individual client. You purchase a Mallorca plot for sale and just let Miquel and his LF91 team build […]

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Aussergewöhnliche Villa kaufen in Son Vida, Palma de Mallorca

Marco Richter – the wizard with the camera and Mallorca properties

Taking realistic photos of a Mallorca property for sale is not as easy as it may seem to be It is all about doing the Mallorca property justice without going over the top, the client viewing should be pleasantly surprised that the photo material of the villa for sale he or she is visiting has […]

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