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At the owners' request, some of our more exclusive listings are not featured online and are only available on request. However, for some inspiration, below is a selection of our featured properties that are currently available for sale.

Properties on the Balearic Islands offer more than just a place to live; they offer an unparalleled lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty, rich culture, and an enviable climate. However, among our portfolio of properties, there is an exclusive set of listings so unique and desirable that their owners have decided to keep them secret, accessible only through a private consultation. These "Hidden but For Sale" properties represent the Best of the Best, from majestic seafront villas to historic estates in the heart of the Balearic countryside.

Discover the Indescribable: Properties that Defy Expectations

Some have indeed "hidden" secret properties, offering features and comforts that exceed all expectations. Homes on the shore with direct access to private beaches, panoramic views of the Mediterranean, great gardens with centuries-old olive trees, where architecture combines history with the best from modern design and sustainability.

An Exclusive Opportunity for Demanding Buyers

Access our secret list is an exclusive opportunity for buyers in search of something out of the ordinary. That is to say, these are properties that offer excellent space, but at the same time, they provide privacy, luxury, and exclusiveness enjoyed by very few. Every unit represents a property of its own history and charm, an outstanding investment opportunity in one of the most sought-after real estate markets in the world.

Personalized Service for An Unparalleled Buying Experience

We understand that the search for your ideal home on the Balearic Islands is a very personal and significant experience. That's why our Balearic Properties team is dedicated to providing highly personalised service. From the moment of your initial inquiry to the closing of the purchase, we accompany you at every step of the process, ensuring a stress-free experience that is completely tailored to your needs and preferences.

How to Access Our Secret Lists?

For those interested in discovering these exclusive properties, we invite you to contact us directly. By requesting access to our secret list, you will not only discover properties that exceed all expectations, but you will also benefit from our expert knowledge and personalised advice. We understand the importance of discretion and privacy, ensuring that your property search is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

An Exclusive Collection of Over 100 Secret and Exclusive Properties

Balearic Properties is proud to offer an outstanding collection of over one hundred exclusive properties not currently advertised on our website. This secret portfolio is offered only on private consultation; it spans an incredible range of unique properties that have never been publicised. Understanding the importance of highly personalised service, one of our specialised agents would be glad to set up a private tour around those outstanding properties at your convenience and according to your preferences. Our team of experts will also be ready to offer you tailor-made advice on investment opportunities and purchase, so that each aspect of your real estate quest meets, if not exceeds, your highest expectations. We invite you to discover this exclusive world of select properties, in which each visit reveals a unique investment opportunity and a step closer to the home of your dreams.

Discover the Unexpected

If you are a demanding buyer and are looking for a really exclusive property on the Balearic Islands, we invite you to take the first step toward purchasing your ideal home. Contact Balearic Properties to find out more about our secret listings. Come across properties that present not just a way of life but a life that few possibly can dream of. We believe in making your Balearic Property dreams come true.

With exclusive access to some of the most sought-after and hidden properties across the Balearics, your next adventure starts right here. So, do not miss out on exploring the unexplored and owning a piece of paradise for yourself. Please feel free to contact us today to find more information on how we can assist you in finding the property of your choice.

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