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Please feel free to contact us for support of how to obtain the rental licence and the cost of it.

The new law will allow licences to the called “touristic” holiday homes consisting of detached or or semi-detached villas and the marketing of more than one villa per plot.

In Mallorca, many clients buy properties with a view to rent them out for weekly rentals, the famous “holiday rentals” or on a long term basis. All rental incomes must be declared to the local government and only detached villas and country homes  can apply for a holiday rental licence more known as “touristic rental”.

Potential buyers for “buy to let” opportunities must therefore contact a spanish solicitor to obtain a rental licence before starting with marketing actions. Here at Balearic Properties and our rental department  will guide you on the process of obtaining the licence, however we also have a great selection of fincas, apartments and holiday villas already with an existing rental licence, this make things easier since the licences have been limited by the authorities.

The only type of  property you can rent out is a detached villa or country home, but only if you have a licence.

The department of tourism in Palma, the regional capital, confirms this, and adds that licences to rent detached properties are no longer being granted on Mallorca. It is a similar story in the Canary Islands, because the authorities in both are keen to promote hotels over private rentals. Confusingly, licences are still being granted in Menorca.

One exception is apartamentos turisticos – a special category of property built specifically for letting to tourists. But these carry a raft of other restrictions and potential extra costs that make them unsuitable for buyers looking primarily for a property they can use themselves.

For more information about rental licences, how to abtain it , the cost, tips and advice for renting a holiday home in Mallorca please ask our team at Balearic Properties Mallorca Estate Agents.

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