Your “Plan of Action” for purchasing a property on Mallorca

No matter how exciting the idea is, once you decide to “got for it” and invest your hard earned cash in an overseas property on Mallorca, you realise one thing is making the decision the other is how to go about it! Stay cool and whatever you do: don’t stress out no matter how daunting […]

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Mallorca keeps top summer destination in 2013

Its 2013 and summer is heading up. One more thing that is heading up is the confusion – where to go this summer for a majestic, memorable & delightful holiday? Which place to choose for unforgettable outstanding summer vacation? Well the best option to decide is to look for the place that has won the […]

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Why holiday in Mallorca? Here is why!

We are nearly two months into the new year already and no doubt you’ll soon be booking that all important getaway in the summer, something to look forward to, a break from the normal routine and a chance to really relax and have some all important ‘you’ time. So why pick Mallorca? Apart from the […]

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