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Use always an independent lawyer when purchasing in Mallorca

The starting point upon buying a property in Spain is where your estate agent tells you of the lawyer or company whom they often use for the transaction process. Up until now, you have had no reason to doubt the honesty and integrity of the man or woman who has so conscientiously guided you to your ideal home pointing out the advantages and even a few pitfalls here and there.

In theory, there is no cause for alarm. Your agent in any other country may make such a recommendation and Spain is no different in that taking up the offer of such a lawyer can turn out perfectly satisfactorily. And there is no suggestion that a conflict of interests is at stake. However, a deal can go wrong for a number of reasons, and at that point, it is far easier to have your different agencies entirely separate. In any case, it may be your agent who makes the recommendation of the best lawyers specialised in Property Law.

Insisting on an independent lawyer will not cause offence. Having done so, first-time buyers in Spain in particular may well be at a loss when it comes to choosing one. Where to begin? One of the best ways will undoubtedly be the recommendation of friends or relatives who have already undertaken the same procedure. If they recommend one in the town or village where you are buying, so much the better. Even in the digital age, there are many reasons for having all your services on the spot, and it is always good as a newcomer to engage with local commerce. After all, buying the property is only the first legal step in a new venture in Spain and, undoubtedly, there will be others. Expat blogs or networks are certainly another very good way of finding out the best candidate, particularly as good lawyers are quickly seconded in the approval stakes. Any negative comments can also be taken into account, of course. Whomever you choice, it should all work out in the end, but independence is probably the best way to go.

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Why use a Laywer: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/overseas-magazine/why-should-i-use-an-independent-lawyer-when-purchasing-in-spain

By Iris Gruenewald

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