Top 10 exquisite Mallorcan homes with a private pool

For owners of beautiful secluded homes in Majorca a swimming pool is an absolute must Whether it’s starting the day with a healthy swim before breakfast, or just lounging by the pool, drink in hand, on a beautiful Mallorcan sunny day, a private swimming pool is the icing on the cake for upmarket home owners […]

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Boost for Mallorca’s high-end property sales thanks to overseas buyers

Spain’s financial crisis has had a devastating effect on the country’s property market, and it is expected that property prices on the mainland will continue to fall during 2014. But it’s not all doom and gloom – for the lovely isle of Mallorca, things are well and truly looking up! Importantly, many estate agents in […]

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The Pain In Spain – Is It Over? Is It Time To Buy Property in Spain?

  The Simon Letter A Publication of Live and Invest Overseas By Lucy Culpepper June 2013 Yes…and no. It depends what you’re looking for. Enormous differences exist among property markets in Barcelona, Madrid, the Costa Blanca, and Mallorca and those in rural Andalusia and other inland regions of Spain. There always have been differences, but, […]

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How exclusive can Mallorca be?

You might ask how exclusive, calm and private can Mallorca be when the Mediterranean lifestyle of the island is surely so much about open-air, open-plan living among large numbers of family and friends. Although it is true that Mallorcans choose to entertain in a large, family-orientated style throughout the year, Mallorcan people maintain clear divisions […]

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Mallorca Eco Houses

Perhaps when buying a luxury villa in the Balearics its Eco or Green credentials would not be at the top of many wishlists. If you asked most agents, they would probably confirm that while green living as an idea has gained more prominence in certain areas of Europe than others, they have not had up […]

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