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A Top Service for all residents of Palma - even available for non-residents

Once you have purchased your trendy Pied-à-Terre in Mallorca's capital, or your villa on the outskirts of the city, you and members of your family should make sure to use this service. Apply for this "Targeta Ciutadana" while you are being registered as “new islanders” at the citizens’ office in the Town Hall. The card is free; it will be issued directly by the office on application and can be used immediately.

This service definitely increases the appeal of owning a second home in Mallorca's cosmopolitan capital - the dream has come true.

This Targeta Ciutadana is a small card with many advantages. A resident of Palma can not only use the "Targeta Ciutadana", citizen’s card, instead of paying in cash, but also save a lot of money. It serves primarily as a practical tool for public transport, to apply for various certificates at the Town Hall and for the use of urban rent-a-bikes, called "Bicipalma", bikes can be rented at 32 rental stations within the city boundaries:

Bike enthusiasts can rent a bike with their citizen’s card from 6am - midnight (Saturdays and Sundays 7 am - midnight) at the "Bicipalma" rental stations.

Those who are not registered can also apply for a "Targeta Ciutadana" simply by presenting their NIE number, but they will not get as much discount as the registered citizens of Palma.

The card proves to be practical and valuable in particular for using Palma’s public transport system. A single ticket on buses of the urban public transport company EMT costs only 80 cents instead of the usual 1.50 €, you get to the airport for half the price and pay only 1.50 € instead of 3 Euros. You pay 13 Euros for 20 rides and 29 Euros for 50.

Monthly subscriptions can also be loaded onto the small plastic card. All EMT services can be taken advantage of for a period of 30 days at a cost of 37 Euros. Almost all areas in the city are accessible by means of public transport.

The citizen card is a great help also in other areas of daily life. It helps to speed up and facilitate some visits and applications at the public authorities, such as town hall etc. Upon presenting the card for example at the Town Hall office, the necessary certificates are issued in order to obtain the discount granted to residents of the Balearics on sea and air journeys within Spain (you can also download these certificates online from the city website). Since all important data is stored on the card, in some cases you can save yourself a lot of paper hassle at the city offices.

The transport department EMT also issues the card upon presentation of the NIE number ("Residentia") and the certificate of registration. At www.palmademallorca.es you can also register online. The "Targeta Ciutadana" can be charged at the EMT offices, at almost all kiosks, tobacco shops and in many stationery stores. The EMT website www.emtpalma.es provides an overview, addresses and other information.
Take advantage of this great service and discover your island's capital without the hassle of having to find a parking place! You will enjoy living in Mallorca’s fascinating capital more and more!


Gorgeous apartment in the heart of Palma:

By Iris Gruenewald

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