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To Purchase a Property on Mallorca you need an NIE (ID) Number

You have found your dream home on Mallorca at balearic-properties.com® and now you, as a foreigner, require the Tax Identification number NIE (Numero de Identificación de Extranjeros). The Residencia, however, is only necessary if a foreign national moves permanently to Mallorca.

The NIE number can be applied for in person at any Spanish Consulate in the UK. The processing time depends on the consulate, generally 10 to 20 days. If you live near a Spanish consulate in the UK this option is recommended.

The place to go in Mallorca for a new application, a replacement or change of address of the NIE number is Palmas immigration office. Non-residents also need an NIE number when they have to deal with the Spanish authorities, for example when purchasing a property in Mallorca or for the registration of a car. If the Residencia is also needed, both can be applied for simultaneously. Applications can be submitted either in person or by a so-called “Gestoria” whom you have granted your power of attorney to.

The Residencia and NIE are needed, when the main residence is moved to Spain, due to business or work reasons. The decisive factor is a stay of longer than three months at a stretch.

An official resident is also usually a tax-resident - the individual consequences for income, pension or inheritance should be clarified with a tax specialist, also at a “Gestoria”. One great advantage of the Residencia: when produced, the resident’s discount of 50% is granted on domestic flights and ferry crossings between the Balearic Islands and the Spanish mainland. The certificate is also necessary in order to register at the Town Hall (this procedure is called “Empadronamiento”).

For the combined application of NIE and Residencia the EX-18 form is needed, if you only want to apply for the NIE, you need the EX-15 form.

In addition, you also need a payment form (Modelo 790), to pay a fee of currently 10.20 Euros in the bank. You can only pay this fee in two bank branches; therefore go to the immigration office either on a Tuesday or Thursday morning. The branches of Sa Nostra and La Caixa, the two banks that process the payment are close to the office. Please note that these 2 banks only take cash payments on the mentioned days from 8.30 - 10.30.

Once done you need to present the stamped payment form, the completed application and your identity document in original and one copy of the latter two at the immigration office. Normally you will be handed your NIE number after a few minutes.

At balearic-properties.com® we collaborate with professionals in their respective business fields and can recommend their services to you when required.

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