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Palma’s Palaces Open Their Doors

Guided tours - a real cultural treat

Known as Cultural Guided Tours of the Courtyards and Palaces of Palma, for €35 you can travel back in time to the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries and take a look at how the wealthy families of Palma de Mallorca lived.

The guided tours (complete with a professional English-speaking tourist guide) take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in June. They are usually two and a half hours in length and take you around some of the finest courtyards in the city such as Can Vivot, Can Oms, Can Bordils, Can Ordines d'Almadrá, Cal Compte d'Espanya and also include a visit to the splendid Palau March.

Reservations for the ‘Courtyards and Palaces of Palma’ can be made by telephoning 971 728 983 and everyone meets up at the Mallorcan artisan shop Típika at C/Morei, 7 in the centre of Palma near the church of Santa Eulalia. There are two tours Tuesday to Friday, the first beginning at 10am, the second at 12 noon.

A look back at Palma’s fascinating history

So what can you expect to see on this culturally interesting tour?

Well most of the mansions were built in Renaissance style, usually about three or four storeys high. Entrance was mainly through a large arched gateway leading on to a cool, shaded courtyard which the living quarters were built around. There was normally a well for visitors to water their horses, and a grand stone staircase leading up to the sumptuous living quarters (the servants quarters were located below the family’s private living accommodation.)

Most of these Palma mansions are rarely open to the public, so we recommend you don’t miss the opportunity to join the guided tour.

The old Mallorcan families and their mansions

The first thing that will surely impress you about Can Vivot is the outstanding opulence of this early eighteenth century mansion. Built on the site of what was once a Moorish palace, the large main courtyard, elegant stone staircase, columns and arches are a joy to behold. The interior of the mansion is laid out in exquisite Neoclassical style and holds a splendid library.

Can Bordils is one of Palma’s oldest mansions. Amongst its splendid features you will find magnificently carved windows and thick doorway arches made of stone.

Palau March near Palma’s magnificent gothic cathedral is an exception in that it was constructed in the 1940s, but in Renaissance style. It The Italianate courtyard has a collection of modern sculpture from renowned artists such as Rodin, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, whilst inside the palace you’ll find Neapolitan figurines and other curios. And if you are into maps you won’t be disappointed as the palace’s exceptional map room houses a fascinating collection of old maps.

And to end this cultural visit, you will be invited to sample some of the typical foods and wines of Mallorca. Enjoy!

Courtyards and Palaces of Palma’ each Tues, Wed, Thurs & Friday in June, 10am and 12 noon.

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By Iris Gruenewald

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