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Nit de l’Art in Palma 2019

The biggest art event of the year is here, celebrated in Palma from the 19th to the 21st of September 2019, with museums and galleries hosting fantastic exhibitions.

This year is will be the 23rd edition of the famous Nit de l’Art (art night) in Palma. Everyone comes together for this huge social occasion, celebrating art and culture all around the city. Nit de l’Art 2019 runs from the 19th to the 21st of September, starting with the Corpos de prova exhibition by Lucas Simões at the exclusive Sant Francesc Hotel on Wednesday. Each year countless people gather on the streets to enjoy exhibitions and visit all the local galleries around Palma Old Town.

The art event of the season in Palma Old Town

It is said that up to 30,000 people will be moving around Palma during Nit de l’Art. The art event is a local twist on the traditional 'Nuit Blanche’ which started in Paris in 2002 as an initiative to celebrate contemporary art and culture which is also celebrated around the world. Here in Palma de Mallorca, all the top galleries, museums and art studios will open their doors from 19:00 until late at night, officially 23:30. Some artists also participate with pop-up stands on the streets.

Discover international artists and art galleries

If you have not yet experienced Nit de l’Art in Palma, you should definitely take the time to get to know all the wonderful galleries and new artists who are shaping the international art scene here in Mallorca. Collectors, interior designers and art patrons are also on the lookout for fresh talent, exchanging information and networking over a glass of wine. Explore this list of contemporary art galleries in Mallorca to find out more about the local art galleries taking part in Nit de l’Art 2019.

Networking with the art crowds in Mallorca

Nit de l’Art is not only a local celebration, in fact, many people travel to Palma especially for this annual art event to meet local artists. During the event there are many private viewings with collectors from England, Germany and Russia. On Friday and Saturday there will also be ARCO Gallery Walks from 18:30 - 20:30. These free walks around the galleries are done in Spanish, Catalan and English. You can sign up to the walks by contacting [email protected]

Click here to download the full Nit de l’Art 2019 programme

Nit de l’Art 2019 events in Palma de Mallorca

Events will be held at the Puro Hotel in collaboration with Gallery Red, specialising in pop art and vintage luxury handbags. Ahoy! Art Gallery near Jaime III will also host an event, as will Rialto Living and Gerhardt Braun Gallery on Carrer de Sant Feliu. ABA ART LAB on Plaça Porta de Santa Catalina is another top gallery near Santa Catalina. On Saturday morning there will be a Cine d’Arts screening of Christian Tran’s film Terres Barceló (France 2018) at the CaixaFòrum.

Nit de l’Art 2019 map and list of exhibitions

Bárbara Juan. Un Día Cualquiera.
Plaça de la Porta de Santa Catalina, 21B, 07012 Palma

Claudio Correa. Bling-bling.
Carrer de les Caputxines, 4, 07003 Palma

Joakim Eneroth. Whispering Void.
Carrer S'estanyera, 2, 07150 Andratx

Adam Cruces presents Pisces y José Fiol. Heart-shaped box.
Passeig de Mallorca, 4, 07012 Palma

Liu Wei with Recent Paintings on Carrer de Catalunya and Lawrence Weiner with Swept across a horizontal surface on Plaça de la Drassana.
Carrer de Catalunya, 7, 07011 Palma
Plaça de la Drassana, 07012 Palma

Tamina Amadyar. The Big Dipper.
Carrer de Sant Gaietà, 4C, 07012 Palma

Edward Lipski. Skin And Stone.
Carrer de Can Sales, 10, 07012 Palma

Ângela Ferreira with Carlos Cardoso - Directo ao assunto and Lucas Simôes with Inbound.
Carrer de Can Verí, 3, 07001 Palma

Robert Ferrer i Martorell. L’interior de la forma.
Carrer de Sant Jaume, 17, 07012 Palma

Encontrados. De cabeza.
Carrer de Sant Jaume, 23A, 07012 Palma

Bel Fullana, Pedro Trotz and Saúl Sellés. Club Miseria. The closing Party.
Carrer de la Unió, 3, 07001 Palma

Collective exhibition of local and Chinese artists. Hibridacions.
Passeig del Born, 27, 07012 Palma

Collective exhibition. Terres Llunyanes.
Carrer de la Concepció, 12, 07012 Palma

Lucas Simôes. Corpos de prova.
Plaça de Sant Francesc, 5, 07001 Palma

Collective exhibition of the AIGAB association.
Carrer de la Misericòrdia, 2, 07012 Palma

Disney. L'art d'explicar històries (the art of explaining stories); Anglada-Camarasa with Una revisió pictòrica de la col·lecció 'La Caixa' and Microcuentos with Go Cactus.
Plaça de Weyler, 3, 07001 Palma

Collective exhibition. On rau la realitat?; FACES by Es Baluard and BEEP; Aforismes, notes i notes en vers de Andreu Vidal.
Plaça de la Porta de Santa Catalina, 10, 07012 Palma

Antoni Amat.
Carrer de Tous i Maroto, 1, 07001 Palma

Collective exhibition. Now!
Carrer de la Puresa, 8, 07001 Palma

Sala Estrella and Espai Zero with Miró, and Nacho Martín Silva with Piece of Trash.
Carrer de Saridakis, 29, 07015 Palma

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