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Iris Gruenewald

Mallorca's Service for the "Islanders" and Visitors is getting better and better!

At Balearic Properties we are always pleased when we can give you the most important news so that you, dear property owner, dear client and dear visitor can enjoy our beautiful island even more. By extending its already excellent services Mallorca once again proves that the island is well prepared so people coming over from all sorts of countries can feel completely at home here.

Today we inform you of an island service which allows us all to organize our favourite pastime, namely the day on the beach, perfectly. And you, dear client may still be undecided with regards to the region of the island where you want to buy and therefore you are understandably collecting as much information as possible.

Let's be honest, how many times have we asked ourselves these or similar questions: where can I find the nearest sandy beach with showers and parasols? Which natural beach shall I hit, if I want to spend the next weekend with the kids et all in Alcúdia and not at my own pool? Where to go if I plan an evening picnic with friends in a quiet, rocky bay, instead of kindling the BBQ at my home?

The newly established online beach guide www.platgesdebalears.com will help to answer all these and other questions. The offer is aimed at both island residents and holidaymakers. The site is available English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Catalan and currently describes 208 beaches in Mallorca, 92 in Ibiza and Formentera as well as a further 75 on Menorca. It is one of the most useful and best websites of the islands.

www.platgesdebalears.com was set up by the civil protection authorities also in charge of beach safety (Dirección General d'Emergències) in the Balearic Ministry of Interior. The aim was and is to bring together all the relevant information for the emergency services. The tourism potential of the site was soon discovered. As a result, the Balearic Ministry of Tourism took over the funding, while the emergency services still oversee the maintenance of the site.

Depending on the starting point, the user has several options for the search. Those who already know where the tour is going to, can obtain all information about directions, the nature of the beach, visitor numbers etc. by direct input of the desired beach. However, those who have only a vague idea where to go can choose the beach that best meets their own needs and preferences by entering preferred features.

Or you chose the geographical option. A search tool with an interactive map allows you to view all the beaches of the preferred area. In the overview, all "platges" are each displayed with a photograph. In addition, more photos and more information about the beach are available. Important criteria is for example whether it is a sand or stone beach, whether the surroundings are urban or rural and is it a very frequented beach, is there access for disabled visitors and is the beach frequented more by locals or tourists.

If a beach makes it onto your short list, a detailed description and information about the community will appear. The detailed directions including a map for the trip by car is also extremely practical. A fact sheet again collects all information clearly and ready to print out. The overview of the support services and facilities for example, the details of picnic areas, showers, toilets, kiosks and water sports is especially helpful.

Finally, there is the picture gallery with several photos of the beach from different angles. An additional gimmick: you might want to send a digital postcard of the beach to friends and acquaintances!

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