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Mallorca holidays: Where are the best-kept hidden secrets?

Mallorca is overflowing with hidden treasures. From Roman history to little-known cove beaches, there’s a whole other world away from the tourist track. A little local knowledge can help you make the most of Mallorca holidays.

Natural parks

Mallorca holidays wouldn’t be complete without natural beauty. There are several breath-taking natural parks dotted around Mallorca. But, in peak season, the parks can get a little crowded so early arrivals often get the best of the area.

A favourite daytrip for those in the know is the Parc natural de Mondragó. With several beaches, gorgeous walks, and natural wildlife, it’s impossible to get bored of these stunning views. Buses arrive at the park regularly, but the wide main beach and different areas to explore mean it doesn’t feel too crowded off-peak.

Torrent de Pareis Mallorca

Another scenic park is the long limestone canyon of Canyon de la Calobra. The journey by road isn’t for the faint-hearted, with steep cliffs and hairpin turns, but it can also be accessed by boat. Once there, visitors can swim in calm seas, explore walks, or visit local restaurants. Always take extra care when swimming in areas you don’t know well.

S'Albufera is the largest wetland in the Balearic Islands. Dating back to ancient times, the natural park is now home to a wonderful variety of birds. The park is well worth a visit and is currently rated as Trip Advisor’s number one attraction in the area.

For more tips about making the most of natural beauty on your Mallorca holiday, have a look at our blog pages.

See history flowing through Mallorca

If you look closely enough, you’ll see centuries of history embedded in the island. Below, we’ve summarised some of the fascinating sites you can discover in Alcúdia, Palma, and Soller. But, there are plenty of other places to explore!

If history is important to your Mallorca holiday, why not consider investing in a traditional townhouse holiday home? We have a wide portfolio of charming Mallorcan townhouses sprinkled across the island.

Alcúdia – Visit a roman excavation site

The incredible Roman site of Pollentia sits just behind the modern town of Alcudia. It’s been excavated and is open to the public for a small entry fee. Mallorca holidaymakers and residents alike can explore a theatre, forum and residential area.

Alcúdia’s history

Alcudia Mallorca

The walls surrounding Alcúdia today date back to the 14th century when they were built in a bid to protect the town from attacks. But, daily life in Alcúdia can be traced as far back as 1300 BC when Pretalayotic settlers inhabited the land. Phoenicians then came along in 700 BC, hailing from the Levant region of the Eastern Mediterranean. They settled and the area became a stopping point for sea trade.

Later, in 123 BC, the Romans used Alcúdia’s beaches in their conquest of the Balearic Islands. They named the settlement Pollentia. This is the settlement that sightseers today can visit. Pollentia was eventually abandoned and replaced by Alcúdia, founded by the Moors and eventually ruled by King James II.

Soller – Ride a vintage train

Train Soller Mallorca

Soller is a beautiful town, nestled in a mountain valley. Its narrow, cobbled streets and traditional sandy townhouses make it a wonderful choice for Mallorca holidays. What’s more, visitors can treat themselves to ride on a vintage railway, the Ferrocarril, from 1912.

The journey is a delight for Mallorca holidaymakers and residents of all ages. The track winds down from Soller to Palma, skirting the mountains and journeying through pine groves and tunnels.

Palma – 14th century Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle is steeped in history. It sits on a hill to the west of Palma and the east of Gènova, taking its name from the Catalan word for ‘lovely view’. From its flat roof, visitors can see spectacular views over the bay and city of Parliament.

Bellver Castle was the residence of kings, used as a prison, and suffered sieges before finally becoming a museum in 1932. The 600-year-old castle is a unique, circular shape, with round towers and a courtyard across two levels.

Visit Cove beaches

If you’ve been looking at a map of Mallorca, you’ll have noticed the word cala dotted everywhere. The word translates as bay or inlet and these stunning little cove beaches are nestled all along the Mallorcan shoreline.

Cove beaches Mallorca

Some calas can become crowded, usually those near hotels or ones that serve as the main beach for the area. But, a little research about where you’re visiting will usually unveil a quieter little spot to explore. For detailed information on a specific place in Mallorca, have a look at our complete area guide.

If quiet beaches are important to your Mallorca holiday, you might consider investing in a holiday home. Many front-line properties even have private beach access!

Stay in a real Mallorcan home

Where you stay on a Mallorcan holiday can make or break your trip. The island is home to wonderful hotels. But, for a more authentic experience, many travellers choose to stay in holiday lets. These properties give a real taste of Mallorcan life.

In fact, letting a holiday home to tourists throughout the year can make for a lucrative investment. Owners have a permanent base to visit and explore at their leisure, but the property isn’t empty in the meantime. Owning a holiday home also means you get to know the area like a local, uncovering little hidden gems of your own.

Here at Balearic Properties, we have a fantastic selection of homes with holiday let licenses ready to go. For more information about short term rentals, see our guide on buying a rental investment property in Mallorca.

By Iris Gruenewald

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