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Sensational News for Mallorca: Foreign Investment at a Record High

Financial professionals do their research very thoroughly before deciding to invest in a location. Investments on Mallorca have increased by nearly 200% meaning that investors are clearly backing Mallorca again: foreign companies invested 785.54 million Euros in 2013 in the Balearic Islands - the largest slice on Mallorca.

Therefore according to the statistics office INE, non-Spanish investment increased to a record high by 196 percent compared to the previous year. In the whole of Spain, an increase of 8.8% was recorded. The Balearic Government and the local business community are absolutely delighted. This trend continues to grow.

Antonio Fuster CEO of Balearic Properties sees this fantastic news quite rightly as a confirmation for Mallorca’s business community, that the confident and solid course taken to defy the global, economic difficulties has been proven correct. "Foreign investors are sending out a clear message that investing capital in Mallorca is a secure option," says Antonio.

Joana Aina Perello, who is in charge of Economic and Statistics at INE, said the record rise in foreign investment is also due to the successful policies of the current gouvernment, whose main focus is deficit reduction.

At Balearic Properties we, of course, know best how lucrative our beloved island is to innovative and visionary businessmen. Mallorca and its neighbouring Balearic Islands offer multifaceted landscapes and the infra-structure is superb. Our island's capital may be smaller than some cities on the Mediterranean, but thanks to the ambient, the marinas, the fantastic shopping and architecture, Palma has no need to hide behind either Barcelona or the glamour cities on the Côte d'Azur!

The Balearics have always attracted investment and celebrities from politics, the art and media worlds. Actually, the "Islanders" are used to rubbing shoulders with a world-famous celeb in an ordinary café and not necessarily in one of the many VIP hot-spots of the island. 2 years ago then this sensation clinched Mallorca’s status: the crème de la crème of Hollywood Stars descended upon the island for some months to film the Blockbuster "Cloud Atlas" - all stars lead on by the Academy Award Winners Tom Hanks and Hallie Berry! So not only have the financial insiders discovered Mallorca as a lucrative investment location, the big hitters of the movie business have also recognised the island's potential as a film-set - or as the location to purchase a second home, like Michael Douglas!

Currently, Palma is welcoming the

Maremostra - International Film Festival

The Film Festival in Cannes has ended and already Palma arrives upon the scene. Maybe not as dazzling as on the Croisette, but immensely important for Mallorca: from 26th to 31st May in the Palma, the III. International Film Festival Maremostra. The focus is on films that deal with the oceans and their inhabitants. On the program are feature films, short films, documentaries. In addition, workshops will be organized and there is even a special program for children.

The festival opens at the Teatre Principal, other venues are the cinema complex Cine Ciutat, Sala Augusta and the Caixaforum.

"The sea, and all that goes with it, are important factors for the Balearic Islands, in cultural, touristic and economic terms. A world that still gets far too little attention," say the organizers of the festival. The Organizers are various production companies together with Palma Pictures. Sweden is the ‘host country’ this year, represented by the Swedish Institute for Culture and Cinema.

The festival is showing a total of nearly seventy short films, documentaries, feature films, video clips. All in all, Mare Mostra will show different aspects of the subject film and the sea: sport, gastronomy, environmental protection, Swedish film, classic movies, the Balearic seas, water monsters.

At the festival it's also about promoting the island’s film industry. Because the Balearic Islands of Spain are, after all, the only autonomous region, which is completely surrounded by water. And the islands are an important and diverse location for film productions of various genres.

Thus Mallorca and the island's capital Palma prove to us yet again how strong the attraction of this island actually is - but we have always known this at Balearic Properties!

By Iris Gruenewald

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