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Financing your Mallorca Property

Christoph Albeck is the CEO of Finanzkontor SL, Mallorca. Since 2001, Finanzkontor SL has been advising property owners and those who would like to become one, with regards to financing a property, proposing more favourable alternatives to what Spanish banks currently have to offer.

Christopher Albeck’s company motto is called: "leading you home", a very appropriate company philosophy considering the business activities of Finanzkontor SL! The company strives to respond competently to all financial questions relating to living on Mallorca and, of course, purchasing a property on the island.® is always intent upon having clear talks and maintaining good relationships with companies that are in any way affiliated with the real estate sector. Therefore, we are always up to date with regards to the latest developments and can optimize our in-house customer service.® only works with experts and our CEO, Antonio Fuster has led extensive conversations with the financial experts at Finanzkontor SL.

FinanzkontorSLadvises you about real estate financewith first classmortgage lendingterms: i.e. thefutureowner will benefit from therecent interest ratecuts by the ECB, information which a lot ofSpanish consumers do not even know about yet.

Finanzkontor SL has focused on real estate finance for Mallorca residents and non-residents and takes care of the economic interests of customers, even when they are not on Mallorca. It's about avoiding spending money unnecessarily and ultimately home owners saving thousands of Euros simply by contacting Finanzkontor SL, the specialists for real estate financing in Mallorca.

Finanzkontor SL offers the fair alternative to Spanish banks: finance your Mallorca property at non-Spanish terms.® will review all information for you and explain it to you. They then check whether the options are the perfect financial solution for your real estate purchase on Mallorca.

Some initial advantages: Finanzkontor works fast and is extremely reliable, so expect short processing times, clear answers and explanations! They have the necessary international network and connections to banks in order to provide the best finance options for you.

A lot of the local banks still offer no financing for foreigners. You have found your dream home at®, so then ask us, your real estate experts, to obtain information for you at Finanzkontor SL, then save over-the-top fees and hefty interest rates – no need to pay too much, is there? You optimize your finance possibilities and above all you save: moneytime and nerves!

At®, we are expanding our service to customers on a daily basis and in the course of this we find reliable experts in each sector.

Check out FinanzkontorSL at

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