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Luxury villas for sale in Mallorca with the
best pools by Balearic Properties

Infinity pools, sea view pools, heated pools, heated infinity pools with sea views, these luxury villas for sale in Mallorca have beautiful swimming pools in all shapes and sizes.

Living in Mallorca offers the best possible lifestyle, in the sun, near the sea, and swimming in your pool any time of the year. Balearic Properties knows the importance of finding dream homes with the best pools, which can be the decisive factor when it comes to buying luxury properties in Mallorca. Having the right pool can help luxury properties rise in price, representing up to a fifth of the value. In any case, as soon as the heat arrives, you’ll want to cool down in one of these pools.

Dream villas for sale in Mallorca with the best pools

Spend the day relaxing by the pool, sunbathing, and enjoying the panoramic views. There’s really nothing better than buying one of these houses with pools in Mallorca, regardless of whether you’re looking for a primary residence, holiday home or rental investment. The best properties for sale in Mallorca always have gorgeous swimming pools, including heated pools which can be enjoyed all year round, bearing in mind that pool maintenance costs 1.000€ — 4.000€ per year.

Luxury villas with infinity pools

It’s hard to find luxury properties without pools. In fact, swimming pools are probably one of the main requirements for being classed as a luxury property in Mallorca. Naturally, you will find many luxury villas, sea view villas and seafront villas with the best pools in exclusive neighbourhoods like Bendinat and Costa d’en Blanes in Calvià. Unique pools include pools with waterfalls, double pools, pools with jacuzzis, and pools with shallow ends for children or pure relaxing in the water.

Infinity pool

Villas with circular and round pools

Spending time in the countryside or living in one of these country homes for sale in Mallorca is a great way to escape the city rush and become one with nature. Country living in Mallorca doesn’t necessarily mean rural living, especially when you discover our charming selection of county estates, country villas and fincas with pools. Circular pools are an acquired taste, but you will find many properties with round-shaped pools which blend in perfectly with the wild surroundings.

Villas with saltwater pools

Having a saltwater pool comes with a number of health benefits. First of all, saltwater is better for your skin, your eyes, and it provides anti-stress properties. Some of the best pools in Mallorca include swimming pools with saltwater from the Mediterranean Sea. Since there’s an abundance of sea water in Mallorca, many luxury properties include this option, and the water can always be changed according to your preference. Consult Balearic Properties for specific saltwater pools.

Villas with freshwater pools

Salty water isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why the majority of swimming pools in Mallorca are freshwater pools or ‘normal pools’ which use chlorine tablets to sanitise the water. Many of our contemporary villas include the best freshwater pools in Mallorca, with easy maintenance, and beautiful lighting systems adding to the atmosphere as the sun goes down. The typical swimming pools include blue, green or aquamarine pool tiles which are beautiful to look at, day or night.

Luxury villas with indoor pools for sale in Mallorca

Since Mallorca enjoys fantastic weather pretty much all year round, most of the swimming pools are outdoor pools. However, there are a few unique luxury villas with indoor pools and gyms, which are the ideal workout areas. Many of these ultramodern pools are smaller in size, and are combined with indoor spa areas including saunas, stream rooms, and jacuzzis. Usually, luxury properties with indoor pools also have outdoor pools, providing you with the best of both worlds.

Luxury villas with heated pools

Outdoor heated pools come with or without thermal covers, with the chance to keep your pool heated all throughout the winter. Winter in Mallorca can be quite chilly, and even if the sun is shining, it can be too cold to jump in the water. Hence, heated pools are the ideal solution if you’re looking to swim even in December. Heated indoor pools and heated outdoor pools make swimming a real pleasure, with ideal temperatures up to 28°C running on heat pumps or solar heating

Luxury villas with sea view pools for sale in Mallorca

What makes infinity pools even more attractive is the panoramic sea view that becomes one with the glistening water. Such pools can easily be found among our dream beachfront properties for sale in Mallorca, many of which also have pool houses and beautiful Mediterranean gardens. Find some of the best pools with sea views in the exclusive seaside town of Puerto Andratx, known for its glamorous seafront, full of boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafés, and luxury yachts.

Villas with natural stone pools

Many luxury properties in Mallorca use local stone to tie in the architecture with the natural environment. Both modern villas and country homes use the same features and architectural elements to pay homage to local materials and architecture. Some of the best pools are built using local stone such as the golden sandstone from Santanyi which was used to build the impressive cathedral in Palma de Mallorca. As you can see, Mallorca has so many dream pools.

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