Palma, Mallorca’s capital, has become the last few years a new cultural destination as a consequence of the rehabilitation of its old city. This Mediterranean city has been under multiple architectural influences, favoring a key element common to many European cities: its history, heritage and relaxed atmosphere.

Many great efforts have been made to preserve its cultural and artistic historical town center, remodeling ancient constructions and building new luxurious apartments in Santa Catalina and Sa Llotja as well asstunning villas in Son Vida, the exclusive residential area near Palma.

Old town’s rehabilitation is still ongoing, especially through the immediate neighborhood of Palma’s Cathedral and the old Jewish quarter, surrounded by the walls of the city and its gorgeous sight views.

Buildings downtown Palma maintain their Arabic roots, with unique Mediterranean-style streets. Many of them hide beautiful mansions, once belonging to aristocratic Majorcan families.

Some of these magnificent buildings and palaces are available for those who wish to rent a holiday house in Palma, remembering ancient Majorcan times.

Patios are one of the most surprising elements of these striking villas for rent in Palma, with beautiful columns and balconies. Despite their different sizes and sun intensity, they all preserve Majorca’s ancient aristocratic times.

Cobbled streets, lively terraces, small boutiques with local products and souvenirs… Living in an exclusive house downtown Palma is a unique experience combining past and present.

The demand has increased considerably for properties in Palma and areas like La Lonja, Cathedral, Old city are now highly demanded, and more and more investors choose Palma instead of luxurious villas in Calvià’s coastline, preferred by those willing to enjoy alone by the sea.

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