Visitors to Menorca are in for a treat if you’re into off-the-beaten path, quiet beach retreats. The north coast is rocky and peppered with scenic coves throughout. The area has been left undeveloped, and just beacons to be explored. Whether you’re in Menorca searching for properties for sale or just visiting, there are many places to see!

Cap de Favartix
Cap de Favartix is a rocky and narrow part of the island in the Parc Natural S’Albufera des Grau on the eastern coast of Menorca. This beautiful area is perfect for bird watchers and scenic adventures. A lighthouse towers at the end of the cape and the area offers scenery some only dream of.

The south cape near the lighthouse offers long sandy beaches, quiet during most of the year. Those that can handle the treck will realize Cala Presili and Platja d’en Tortuga are worth the wait. Get out of the city and away from the populated beaches, with a trip to Cap de Favartix. Find more information here.

Located on the north of the island of Menorca, this popular fishing village is a great place to visit. Outstanding fish restaurants have been made popular the world wide and are a must stop if you’re in town. The locals are active in town and at sea and have full respect for nature, keeping to the traditions of their ancestors.

In the month of July “Festes” is celebrated, the municipal fiestas. Festivities to celebrate Mare de Deu del Carme, the patron of fishermen, are held on the 16th of July. Near the end of the month a fiesta is held, where jaleos ride horses and jump to the rhythm of the music. This group fiesta is a unique experience and must see. Information about past fiestas can be found here.

Coves de Campanet
Caves are prevalent throughout the island of Menorca, but one cave seems to rise above many others due to it’s amazing formations. Discovered in the 40’s, the caves were found by accident and geologists realized the find.

The town of Campanet holds additional attractions including the Saint Miquel church, built in 1220. The church is one of the only churches to have held its Christian identity, even through the Arab occupation.

Costa Nord Cultural Center
Valdemossa, and old village estate in Mallorca, is home to Costa Nord Cultural Center – an initiative by actor Michael Douglas who discovered the charms of the north coast. The center aims to inform visitors about the gorgeous landscape, flora and fauna of the Tramuntana Mountains. Preservation, ecological advancements and sustainable development are the core values of the center. The center is home to art, concerts, and many other cultural events. Concerts in the summer are often held outdoors, among the grounds filled with lovely olive trees. The Costa Nord Cultural Center is another must see!

These are just a few of the areas on the island of Mallorca that can be enjoyable to visitors and are a bit off the beaten path. Have additions to the list? Add to the comments below!


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