The Mallorca property market differs greatly from the general Spanish property market – mostly because of the geographic features of the island.Mallorca, or its anglicised version, Majorca is a relatively small island covering 3,640 km2 with a population of approximately 800,000. The high point of the island is Puig Mayor at 1,445m. Although not that high, the fact that Majorca’s mountains are right on it’s north-west coast gives the island a dramatic terrain in a very compact space. 

Half of the island’s population live in or around its capital city of Palma de Mallorca – meaning that Majorca boasts one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan capital cities, and is home to many areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The Mallorca property market is driven by these fundementals – with luxury Majorca apartments in the capital city commanding a 10% premium compared to the rest of the island and almost 200% compared to the Spanish national average.

Mallorca property prices have fared well compared to the rest of Spain – thanks mainly to the limited supply of properties on the island, and the fact that the number of new build Majorca properties entering the market has been reasonable.

The weather in Majorca is another factor positively affecting property sales, with its year-round mild climate attracting foreign buyers to a wide range of Mallorca property all across the island.

Information provided by the N1 Spanish Property Portal

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