Russia Mallorca

From Mallorca with Love – Why the Russians determine the high-end buying trends in Mallorca

The property crisis in Mallorca could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the Russians, at least regarding the luxury market in which northern Europeans generally operate when buying houses on the island. More Russian Tourists The influx of Russian tourists in Mallorca continues to grow. According to Natalie Tours, the operator specializing […]

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Property for sale in Orient, Mallorca

Why is Mallorca the second best place to live in the World?

According to recent statistics, Mallorca is at the top of the ranking when it comes to looking for the best place to live in. The biggest of the Balearic Islands and its capital, Palma, offers everything one needs to live a comfortable, safe, happy, entertained and also relaxed easy life. It provides good opportunities for […]

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Mallorca Beach House Repossession

Repossessions in Mallorca

Are there Real Property Repossessions to buy in Mallorca? It is perhaps not pleasant to reflect that the repossession of any property by the bank very likely represents a broken dream for someone. On the other hand, why would one allow the bank to take over that dream for longer than necessary? Someone might as […]

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A good time for Buying Property in Mallorca

Since the Spanish financial crisis started in 2008 and which has already lasted five years, it is a fact that the real estate market in Mallorca has become more stable in the last two years. There has been a growing demand at the luxury end of the market, though this cannot be said of the […]

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Key Information about Setting up a Will in Spain

  Setting up a will is essential for any foreigners who live in Spain. Otherwise, the estate belonging to foreigners who die intestate will be disposed of under Spanish law and the law regarding obligatory heirs applied. This is why a foreigner who has lived in Spain for a long time may find it necessary […]

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