Although the property market in Mallorca has slowed down it can still be a very profitable long term investment to buy Mallorca Property.

The difference is that no longer is it a short term investment where you can buy off plan and be assured to sell it before completion. However for long term investment (min 5 years) off plan property in Mallorca is still a very attractive option and can leave you with the benefit of having a nice property at your disposal or getting an extra income for renting it out. The North of Mallorca offers a wide range of holiday villas that can be rented out trought holiday websites like , and some others. From the generated income taxes have to be paid in Spain, but there is a good profit after the season which make this sort of investment more attractive for property investors looking to buy villas in Spain.

Balearic Properties is currently offering a great sort of investment never seen before in Mallorca. Our company has been appointed to market the new & modern modular villas ,consisting in contemporary off plan properties at low cost with minimalistic design ideal for rental purposes. In addition we offer a to the investors a guaranteed rental income . Working already with international property funds. If you’re thinking of investing  in property as a way of making money, the rental income is a fundamental criteria for a profitable investment in Mallorca.

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