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Antonio Fuster

Our Top 3 Recomendations

Use an independent lawyer when purchasing property in Mallorca or Ibiza

he starting point upon buying a villa or apartment in Mallorca is where your estate agent tells you of the Mallorca lawyer or company whom they often use for the transaction process. Up until now, you have had no reason to doubt the honesty and integrity of the man or woman who has so conscientiously guided you to your ideal home pointing out the advantages and even a few pitfalls here and there.

Consider buying the property privately or through a Spanish company

Read what our real estate specialists advice when buying a property in Mallorca and the advantage of buying through a Spanish limited company to save wealth on tax.

The importance of a NIE number when buying a property in Mallorca

The NIE is required for any property purchase in Mallorca, Ibiza or Spain. Please read our article about how to obtain a NIE number in Spain. Call +34 971 532 221 now to speak to a real estate specialist, contact our team members below or complete our contact form and we'll get in contact with you shortly.

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